Valeting & Ceramic Coatings

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To provide our customers an entire service we provide a valeting service at Wrapvehicles, this incorporates top quality cleaning solutions and nano ceramic coatings to be used on a number of vehicles and surfaces.

For the customers having a wrapped vehicle give us a call our vehicle wrap ceramic coating. This can be a specifically formulated kind of nano ceramic coating that may be put on vinyl wrapped surfaces and bodywork which has had paint protection (PPF) installed. The automobile wrap ceramic coatings really are a relatively recent product which enables the truly amazing together with your ceramic coatings to be relevant to wrapped cars. So that your wrapped vehicle can usually benefit from a hydrophobic finish that provides a much deeper colour along with a glossy wet look although adding additional Ultra violet and dirt protection towards the wrapped surface.

From wrapped cars we provide a complete choice of ceramic coatings for non=wrapped cars, therefore we can look after anybody who would like to make their vehicle look just like possible.

Alloy wheel ceramic coating

Our most widely used ceramic coating method is the alloy wheel nano ceramic coating. This adds the ceramic coated qualities to vehicle wheels. Making the resistant against Ultra violet, less dirt prone, simpler to wash. And overall searching their finest having a glossy much deeper finish.

Interior ceramic coating

The inside of the vehicle may also be enhanced with the aid of our ceramic coatings. The ceramic coating or leather surfaces keeps your seats and leather interior trim in optimum condition.  The leather surfaces could be stored cleaner because of the hydrophobic effect which will repel water along with other wet contaminants. The leather ceramic coating may also help to face up to deterioration around the leathers although maintaining your leathers soft touch factory look & feel.

The plastics inside the interior of the vehicle may also take advantage of the ceramic treatment. Adding Ultra violet resistance, hydrophobic qualities and additional potential to deal with put on. The ceramic coating for plastics may also be used for exterior trim on grilles, diffusers, etc.

Glass ceramic coating

And never failing to remember the home windows, there is not much reason for ceramic coating the bodywork of the vehicle when the dirt will probably be visible in your windshield rather. Our ceramic coatings for glass can also add that important hydrophobic effect for your cars home windows, forcing the rain water to bead off, keeping them cleaner for extended. This effect also reduces icing in your home windows throughout the winter several weeks.

The best ceramic coating – 9H

The 9H ceramic coatings would be the ultimate type of ceramic coatings for vehicles. They give a permanent finish towards the colored surface that becomes scratch resistant and ultra hard.

The 9H ceramics benefit fro all of the usual ceramic coated qualities (hydrophobic, Ultra violet resistance, anti-graffiti, glossy much deeper finish, etc) but amplify many of them and add more features for example temperature resistance and potential to deal with chemicals, oxidisation and corrosion.

The 9H ceramic coatings does apply in layers with no damage to formerly layers, so protection and sturdiness could be graded for the specific vehicle.

Additionally to make use of on cars, the 9H along with other ceramic coatings can be included to other kinds of transport including airplanes and yachts.

To obtain more information on the ceramic coatings we provide at Wrapvehicles please get in contact.

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