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An Introduction to Lumma Styling

When it comes to Range Rover styling modifications, Lumma is the name that stands out from the rest. WRAPvehicles offers the complete range of Lumma Styling Products, specialising in upgrades for Range Rovers, BMWs, and Porsches. Lumma’s reputation for excellence is well-deserved, and their wide body conversions have made a significant impact on the automotive customisation scene.


Lumma Design Range Rovers in Manchester & Cheshire

A Lumma Design Range Rover commands attention with its aggressive and eye-catching appearance. From upgraded bumpers and spoilers to spotlights and vents, Lumma’s styling kits provide a striking revision to the overall aesthetic of the Range Rover range. The Lumma wide body conversions, such as the Lumma CLR RS, Lumma CLR SV, Lumma CLR R, and Lumma CLR Evo, are particularly impressive, adding up to 100mm of width with wheel arch extensions and side skirts that redefine the vehicle’s presence.



Expert Fitment and Installation

WRAPvehicles offers the complete Lumma styling range with professional installation services. While Lumma bodykits are available for supply only, entrusting our skilled technicians ensures flawless installation and showcases the quality of these enhancements. Additionally, we provide a convenient collection and delivery service for Lumma conversions, catering to customers in Manchester, Wilmslow, Hale, Altrincham, Alderley Edge, Knutsford, and more.



Performance Upgrades by Lumma

Beyond visual enhancements, Lumma also offers a selection of performance upgrades. These include ECU remapping to boost the BHP output of your Range Rover and upgrading the exhaust system for a more aggressive exhaust note, enhancing both style and performance.



Wide Range of Lumma Styling for Various Makes and Models

While Lumma’s focus has been on Range Rovers, their styling range extends to various SUVs and sports cars. At Wrapvehicles, we offer Lumma styling kits, both narrow and wide bodykits, for an array of makes and models, including the Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW 6 Series – M6, Porsche 911, and BMW 5 Series – M5.



Key Features of Lumma Design Styling

Lumma Styling comes with several key features, including wide body conversions, large air intakes and vents, ECU remapping for improved performance, and Lumma exhaust upgrades.

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Lumma Design Conversions is a renowned automotive customisation company specialising in transforming high-end vehicles into exclusive and unique masterpieces. They offer a wide range of bespoke body kits, performance upgrades, and interior modifications for various luxury car brands.

Lumma Design Conversions provides customization services for popular luxury car brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Land Rover, and more. They continuously expand their offerings to cover other premium brands as well.

Lumma Design Conversions offers a diverse range of modifications, including aggressive body kits, custom alloy wheels, enhanced aerodynamics, high-performance exhaust systems, bespoke interior trims, and advanced tuning solutions to boost engine performance.

es, Lumma Design Conversions ensures that their modifications comply with the necessary regulations and safety standards in the regions they operate. Their products are designed to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements without compromising on legality.

Absolutely! Lumma Design Conversions offers both options. You can select individual components to customize your car according to your preferences, or you can choose from their pre-designed packages, which combine various enhancements for a comprehensive transformation.

The duration of the customization process varies depending on the scope of work and the model of the vehicle. It could range from a few weeks for minor upgrades to several months for extensive overhauls. Lumma Design Conversions provides estimated timelines for each project during the consultation phase.

Yes, Lumma Design Conversions offers a warranty on their products and craftsmanship. The duration of the warranty might vary depending on the type of modification. They take pride in delivering high-quality and durable modifications, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Absolutely! Lumma Design Conversions is known for its bespoke services. They work closely with customers to understand their vision and create personalised designs that match their preferences. From unique colour schemes to tailor-made interior finishes, they can bring your dream car to life.