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TeckWrap’s Extensive Range of Vehicle Wrap Colours


At WRAPvehicles, we take pride in offering our customers an extensive selection of vehicle wrap colors and options to suit their unique preferences. To achieve this, we continually research and evaluate various car wrap vinyl products and manufacturers. Among our top choices is TeckWrap, a leading brand that has made waves in the industry with its impressive range of colours and finishes offered through their 180 Series and 190 Series.


A Kaleidoscope of Stunning Colours: Gloss, Metallic, Candy, Pearlescent, and More

TeckWrap boasts a mesmerising array of colors, making them a favorite among car enthusiasts and Instagrammers alike. Their collection includes eye-catching shades in Gloss, Metallic, Candy, Pearlescent, Iridescent, Matte, Satin, Chameleon, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Brushed Metal, and Carbon Fibre. From classic favourites to unique, attention-grabbing tones, TeckWrap has something to cater to every taste.

Emulating Popular Paint Colours: TeckWrap’s Lookalike Versions

TeckWrap stands out not only for its original color offerings but also for its ability to replicate popular paint colors found on new cars. With lookalike versions of sought-after colours like Audi Nardo Grey and Porsche Crayon, TeckWrap provides an opportunity to achieve a high-end, customised appearance.

Specialist Finishes: Unrivalled Carbon Fibre and Chrome Options

When it comes to specialist finishes, TeckWrap excels with its unparalleled range of carbon fiber options. From traditional 3D carbon fiber styles to gloss and matte forged carbon fiber wrap vinyls, the choices are boundless. Additionally, TeckWrap offers an impressive selection of chrome car wrap vinyls, featuring mirror finish gloss, satin, and colour-changing chameleon styles.

A Favourite Choice: TeckWrap Enlivens the Car Wrapping Industry

The vast and diverse range of TeckWrap’s vehicle wrapping vinyl options makes the process of selling and installing a car wrap even more enjoyable for us at WRAPvehicles. These striking colours not only attract attention but also contribute to promoting the entire car wrapping industry.

Explore the TeckWrap Range at WRAPvehicles

We encourage you to take a close look at the TeckWrap vehicle wrapping vinyl range and visit WRAPvehicles to fully experience the colors and finishes in person. Seeing the vinyl firsthand allows you to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness that photographs often fail to capture.

Standout Colours from the TeckWrap Range

  • Teckwrap Pink Gold
  • Teckwrap Tiffany
  • Teckwrap Mossy Green
  • Teckwrap Amber Rose
  • Teckwrap Kelly Green
  • Teckwrap Hornet Yellow
  • Teckwrap Pink Sakura
  • Teckwrap True Blood
satin chrome purple car wrap manchester

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Teckwrap vinyl wrap is a high-quality adhesive film designed to transform the appearance of various surfaces, such as vehicles, furniture, and electronics. It offers a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes to provide a customized and stylish look.

eckwrap vinyl wraps are versatile and can be applied to a variety of smooth surfaces, including metal, plastic, glass, and painted surfaces. However, it’s essential to ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of any contaminants for proper adhesion.

The durability of Teckwrap vinyl wraps can vary based on the application and environmental conditions. When applied correctly and maintained properly, they can last 5-7 years or even longer for indoor applications. Outdoor applications may have a slightly shorter lifespan due to exposure to weather elements.

Yes, Teckwrap vinyl wraps are designed for easy removal. When done correctly, they should not leave any adhesive residue or damage the underlying surface. However, it’s essential to follow the proper removal techniques to avoid potential issues.

Yes, Teckwrap vinyl wraps are popular among DIY enthusiasts. The material is designed for straightforward installation, and Teckwrap provides detailed instructions and video tutorials to help customers achieve professional-looking results.

While Teckwrap vinyl wraps are generally low-maintenance, it’s essential to avoid abrasive cleaners, power washers, or harsh chemicals when cleaning the wrapped surface. For best results, hand-washing with a mild detergent and a soft cloth is recommended.

Yes, Teckwrap vinyl wraps are flexible and can conform to moderately curved surfaces with ease. However, for complex curves or extreme contours, additional heat and stretching techniques may be necessary for a seamless application.

Yes, Teckwrap vinyl wraps are designed to be UV-resistant, protecting the underlying surface from fading and damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Additionally, they offer some resistance to mild chemicals and normal wear and tear, making them suitable for various outdoor applications.