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At WRAPvehicles, we take pride in being the leading vehicle styling company in the UK, and to further enrich our offerings, we are thrilled to include BRABUS conversions and upgrades to our range of car styling and enhancement products. BRABUS has achieved an esteemed reputation as the premier brand for premium vehicle upgrades, particularly for Mercedes AMG models and now Porsche models as well.


Unmatched BRABUS UK Styling

Acknowledging the preference of car owners for sporty styling, even on luxury vehicles, Mercedes now offers AMG styling packages on many of their new models. Brabus, with over three decades of experience, recognizes this demand and has been transforming Mercedes vehicles by adding bodykits, styling parts, and exclusive accessories to enhance their visual appeal and prominence. Our BRABUS styling range at WRAPvehicles offers everything from subtle bodywork tweaks to extravagant widebody transformations, featuring striking visible carbon fibre elements across the upgrade parts.

BRABUS Styling Accessories

To complement the overall look of a Mercedes and infuse it with the iconic BRABUS style, we present our UK customers with a selection of BRABUS styling accessories. Our offerings include BRABUS Badges to replace Mercedes badges, BRABUS Lettering for the boot area, BRABUS Floor mats, BRABUS Door Sills, BRABUS Alloy Wheels, BRABUS branded pedals, bespoke BRABUS rear diffusers available in carbon fiber, and bespoke BRABUS front splitters, also available in carbon fiber. These accessories can be individually ordered or combined to create a truly bespoke and personalised BRABUS Mercedes.

BRABUS UK Bodykits

The extensive BRABUS bodykit range offers a wide array of options for Mercedes models. At Wrapvehicles, we showcase the entire BRABUS UK bodykit selection, which includes parts such as the BRABUS Front Bumper, BRABUS Splitter, BRABUS Front Spoiler, BRABUS Rear Bumper, BRABUS Rear Diffuser, BRABUS Rear Spoiler, BRABUS Air Vent Extensions, BRABUS Wheel Arch Extensions, BRABUS Front Grille, BRABUS Bonnet, and BRABUS Alloy Wheels. Our BRABUS bodykits are fully customisable, allowing you to curate your perfect BRABUS Mercedes car configuration.

Complete BRABUS Conversions

For a truly transformative experience, we offer complete BRABUS conversions that turn your standard Mercedes into a formidable BRABUS car. Our BRABUS UK conversions encompass factory-finish upgrades like the BRABUS Performance Enhancements and BRABUS Interior Upgrades. BRABUS cars take the performance capabilities of Mercedes engines to unprecedented levels, achieving extraordinary power and speed. Our skilled engineers execute a series of tasks, including increasing engine displacement, optimising gas flow, installing enlarged BRABUS air intakes, new turbochargers, upgraded exhaust manifolds, and enhancing engine management systems for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

BRABUS Interior Upgrades

The interior of a BRABUS vehicle is a crucial aspect of the full BRABUS conversion. BRABUS ensures each car is equipped with a bespoke handcrafted interior, featuring breathable leather combined with Alcantara in various colors. The upholstery extends to the dashboard, door panels, and headliner, creating a premium BRABUS cockpit. Interior trim can be customised with carbon fibre and premium wood finishes. Further customisation options include BRABUS illuminated door sills, branded interior elements, and upgrades like aluminium and stainless steel door pins and pedals.

Who Can Order A BRABUS Conversion?

Wrapvehicles caters to both retail customers and dealerships seeking BRABUS conversions in the UK. Retail customers can contact us directly to discuss their preferred BRABUS upgrades, while dealerships looking to enhance their showroom inventory or speed up sales with upgraded Mercedes can also reach out to us.

BRABUS Conversions Available:

– BRABUS C Class Styling (C43 / Brabus B25)
– BRABUS C63 Bullit – Saloon / Coupe
– BRABUS E Class E V12 Coupe/Cabrio
– BRABUS G Wagon 850 – Wide Star
– BRABUS G Wagon Styling (Widestar)
– BRABUS G500 4×4
– BRABUS Maybach
– BRABUS C63 (2015+)
– BRABUS S Class 850
– BRABUS Rocket S Class
– BRABUS S Coupe 900
– BRABUS 911 Turbo

Contact Wrapvehicles today to discover the world of BRABUS conversions and elevate your Mercedes to unparalleled heights of luxury and performance.

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Our BRABUS services are available throughout the UK, including Manchester, Cheshire, London, Birmingham, Glasgow, and beyond. For our international clients, we offer BRABUS upgrades as the performance and interior enhancements are factory fitted, ensuring a world-class finish.

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BRABUS is a renowned high-performance automotive tuning company specializing in customizing and enhancing luxury vehicles, particularly those from Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and other prestigious brands. They offer a range of services, including engine upgrades, body modifications, interior enhancements, and more, to create exclusive and powerful automobiles.

BRABUS car conversions provide several advantages. Firstly, they significantly increase the vehicle’s horsepower and torque, resulting in improved acceleration and top speed. Secondly, their bespoke aerodynamic enhancements not only boost performance but also enhance the car’s aesthetics. Finally, BRABUS interior upgrades offer unparalleled luxury and personalisation.

es, BRABUS provides a comprehensive warranty on their conversions. This warranty may vary depending on the specific upgrades and components installed. Generally, customers can expect a limited warranty on parts and labor, giving them peace of mind and assurance of BRABUS’ commitment to quality.

Absolutely! BRABUS offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor your car to your specific preferences and requirements. From engine upgrades to exterior styling, interior finishes, and multimedia enhancements, you can create a truly unique and personalized vehicle.

BRABUS car conversions, particularly performance-focused ones, may lead to a slight reduction in fuel efficiency compared to the stock vehicle. The increased power output often requires more fuel to achieve higher performance levels. However, BRABUS engineers strive to optimize the conversion to strike a balance between performance and efficiency.

Yes, BRABUS ensures that their conversions comply with all relevant safety and emissions regulations, making the vehicles street-legal. They take great care to meet and exceed legal requirements while delivering the utmost performance and luxury. However, it is essential to verify the specific regulations in your country or region as they might vary.

Generally, BRABUS conversions can positively impact the resale value of a vehicle. Their renowned reputation for quality and performance enhancements often attracts enthusiasts willing to pay a premium for a BRABUS-tuned car. However, the exact impact on resale value will depend on the specific model, upgrades, and the preferences of potential buyers in the market.

While BRABUS is best known for its Mercedes-Benz enhancements, they have occasionally offered services for other luxury brands. It’s essential to check with BRABUS directly or their authorized dealers to see if they have options available for your particular make and model.