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Introducing Car GPS Trackers: Protect Your Vehicle with Thatcham Cat 5 or Cat 7 Options

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Keep Your Car Safe and Secure with GPS Trackers

Are you worried about car theft or want to enhance the security of your vehicle? Look no further! Our car GPS trackers are designed to protect your car and offer peace of mind. With the choice of Thatcham Cat 7 or Thatcham Cat 5 trackers, you can customise the level of security and protection that suits your needs.



Thatcham Cat 7 Trackers: Basic Security with Real-Time Tracking

Our Thatcham Cat 7 trackers provide essential security features and real-time tracking. With this option, you can easily monitor your vehicle’s whereabouts through a convenient app, ensuring you have control at your fingertips. In the event of theft, our trackers can track your car to within 10 feet, anywhere in Europe.



Thatcham Cat 5 Trackers: Enhanced Security with ADR Technology

For enhanced security and protection, consider our Thatcham Cat 5 trackers. What sets them apart is the Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) feature. This discrete card needs to be inside the car to allow the immobilizer to disengage. This means that even if thieves manage to steal your keys, they won’t be able to start the car without the ADR card. It’s an added layer of protection you can count on.



Real-Time Tracking and Quick Response

Both our Cat 7 and Cat 5 trackers come with a user-friendly app that enables real-time tracking of your vehicle. Whether you’re at work, home, or on vacation, you can keep an eye on your car’s location with ease. Additionally, if your vehicle is stolen, our trackers are designed to immediately contact the authorities, improving the chances of recovery.



Subscription Service for Ongoing Protection

To keep our GPS trackers active and provide you with continuous protection, we offer a subscription service. The subscription ensures that you can rely on our tracking services without interruption. We want to offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is always secure.



Special Offer: Complimentary First-Year Subscription

We value our customers, and to show our appreciation, we are including the first-year subscription in the package. When you choose our GPS trackers, you get the first year of subscription absolutely free. It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting us with your vehicle’s security.



Schedule Your Car Tracker Installation Today

Don’t wait for something unfortunate to happen. Take control of your car’s security with our reliable GPS trackers. Whether you choose the Thatcham Cat 7 or Cat 5 option, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

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GPS car trackers CAT 5 and CAT 7 are advanced vehicle tracking devices that use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to accurately monitor and transmit real-time location data of vehicles. CAT 5 and CAT 7 are specific categories that represent different features and capabilities of the trackers.

CAT 5 car trackers typically provide basic tracking functionalities like real-time location updates, geo-fencing, and basic immobilization features. On the other hand, CAT 7 car trackers offer more advanced features, including additional security measures like remote engine immobilisation, driver behavior monitoring, and tamper alerts.

Both CAT 5 and CAT 7 trackers enhance vehicle security by allowing owners or fleet managers to monitor the vehicle’s location at all times. In the case of CAT 7 trackers, they offer an extra layer of protection with features like remote immobilization, which can prevent unauthorized use or theft.

Generally, GPS car trackers are compatible with most modern vehicles. However, it’s essential to check the specific tracker’s compatibility with your vehicle’s make and model before purchasing to ensure seamless integration.

GPS car trackers CAT 5 and CAT 7 can be powered through the vehicle’s electrical system or an internal battery. Some advanced trackers use a combination of both power sources, ensuring continuous operation even if the vehicle’s battery is disconnected.

Yes, many GPS tracking systems, including CAT 5 and CAT 7 trackers, offer fleet management capabilities. Fleet managers can monitor and track multiple vehicles in real-time using a single platform, which helps optimize logistics, improve efficiency, and enhance overall security.

Yes, GPS car trackers typically require a subscription plan to access the tracking data and associated services. The subscription fees may vary based on the provider, features offered, and the frequency of updates.

Yes, many GPS car trackers are designed to be discreet and can be hidden within the vehicle. This feature prevents potential thieves from easily locating and disabling the tracker, ensuring a higher chance of recovery in case of theft.