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In the automotive world, gloss finish car wraps are gaining immense popularity, particularly the super-gloss wraps. Inozetek, a leading brand in vinyl wraps, has taken the concept of super gloss vehicle wrap production to a whole new level. Find out why Inozetek wraps are the top choice for achieving a paint replacement finish for your car wrap.


The Rise of Super-Gloss Wraps

For nearly a decade, matte finish vehicle wraps dominated the market. However, the trend has shifted, and gloss finish car wraps are now preferred, with super-gloss wraps leading the way.

Inozetek Wraps at WRAPvehicles Manchester

Inozetek wraps are available at Wrapvehicles Manchester, offering customers access to a remarkable range of car wrap colours and finishes.

Impeccable Clarity and Depth

Inozetek has mastered the art of producing super-gloss wraps that are incredibly close to real paint in clarity. Once correctly installed, it becomes almost impossible to distinguish Inozetek vinyls from genuine automotive paint.

Enhanced Depth and Clarity

Compared to many other vehicle wrap vinyl options, Inozetek wrap colours stand out with their enhanced depth and clarity of colour.

Innovative Protective Layer

Inozetek has combined the best innovations from other brands into their product range. Their wraps feature a removable clear protective film layer that safeguards the gloss finish from micro scuffs and scratches that may occur during the installation process.

The Ultimate Paint Replacement Finish

With their remarkable clarity, depth, and protection, Inozetek wraps become the primary choice for those seeking a paint replacement finish for their car wrap.

Product Details

  • Super gloss solid colours
  • Super gloss metallic colours
  • Covered by protective clear layer during installation

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Why Choose Inozetek Wraps?


1. Unparalleled Clarity: Inozetek wraps offer unparalleled clarity, making your vehicle look as if it’s been freshly painted by professionals. The depth and shine of the colours create an eye-catching and luxurious finish.

2. Scratch Protection: Thanks to the innovative clear protective layer, Inozetek wraps are safeguarded against minor scuffs and scratches during the installation process. This ensures your wrap maintains its pristine appearance over time.

3. Extensive Colour Range: The Inozetek colour range goes beyond standard solid colours, offering an array of captivating metallic finishes that add a touch of sophistication to your vehicle.

4. Professional Installation: When you choose Wrapvehicles in Manchester, you can count on our skilled technicians to provide a flawless installation of your Inozetek wrap. Our attention to detail ensures a seamless and long-lasting result.

5. Personalised Solutions: At Wrapvehicles, we believe in catering to our customers’ unique needs. Whether you want a full vehicle wrap, partial wrap, or specific customisations, our team will work closely with you to achieve your desired look.

6. Boost Resale Value: A professionally installed Inozetek wrap not only enhances the appearance of your vehicle but can also protect its original paintwork. This can positively impact the resale value of your car when it comes time to upgrade.

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Welcome to our gallery showcasing the mesmerizing range of Inozetek colors available at Wrapvehicles Manchester. Prepare to be captivated by the stunning selection of super-gloss wraps that can transform your vehicle into a true masterpiece.


Inozetek vinyl wraps stand out due to their superior quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and innovative designs. Our wraps offer exceptional durability, UV resistance, and color retention, ensuring a longer-lasting and vibrant appearance compared to competitors.

Inozetek vinyl wraps are engineered with a specially formulated adhesive that guarantees a secure bond without causing any damage to the underlying paintwork. When professionally installed and properly removed, our wraps leave no residue or adhesive marks, ensuring the vehicle’s paint remains unharmed.

While Inozetek vinyl wraps may have a slightly higher upfront cost than some competitors, their long-lasting durability and exceptional quality more than compensate for the initial investment. The reduced need for rewrapping or repairs in the long run makes Inozetek a more cost-effective choice for vehicle owners.

Yes, Inozetek vinyl wraps are engineered to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. They are resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling even under harsh UV exposure, extreme temperatures, and heavy rainfall. This durability ensures your vehicle maintains its flawless appearance over time.

Yes, Inozetek offers an extensive selection of colors, finishes, and textures to suit every individual’s style and preference. Whether you’re looking for glossy, matte, satin, metallic, or textured finishes, our vinyl wraps provide countless design possibilities that surpass many of our competitors’ offerings.

Absolutely! Inozetek vinyl wraps are versatile and can be applied to various surfaces, including boats, motorcycles, architectural elements, and interior furnishings. The high-quality materials and adhesive ensure a secure bond and exceptional performance on different substrates.

Under proper care and maintenance, Inozetek vinyl wraps can last up to 5-7 years or more. The longevity depends on various factors, such as environmental conditions, exposure to sunlight, and how well the vehicle is maintained.

Inozetek periodically releases Special Limited Edition vinyl wraps with unique colors, textures, or patterns. These editions are produced in limited quantities, making them highly sought-after among car enthusiasts who want to give their vehicles a distinctive and exclusive look.