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Welcome to WRAPvehicles, your premier supplier of Liberty Walk bodykits and conversions in the UK. We are proud to offer the full range of LB Walk products, providing top-notch installations from our center in Manchester, UK. Whether you’re in Manchester, Cheshire, or anywhere across the UK, we are here to cater to your Liberty Walk needs.


The Enigmatic Appeal of Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk has been an enigmatic brand known for crafting one-off car conversions for high-performance vehicles. Their groundbreaking creations featured wide arches, GT-style rear wings, and striking colours, transforming supercars like the Lamborghini Murcielago and Ferrari into automotive works of art.


For years, the mystique surrounding Liberty Walk conversions was unparalleled. As a Japanese brand, it was challenging to track down information about Liberty Walk conversions, especially if one didn’t speak or read Japanese. Even those who could navigate the language barriers needed the right connections to get their car transformed into a Liberty Walk masterpiece. Over time, the brand has become slightly less secretive, but securing a Liberty Walk conversion remains a sought-after and exclusive experience.


The Expanding Range of Liberty Walk

As Liberty Walk’s reputation grew, so did their product lineup. The brand now offers four dedicated sub-brands, each catering to different aesthetics and budgets:


LB Silhouette Works: This line presents a refined version of the original Liberty Walk aesthetic. With a focus on less destructive modifications, LB Silhouette Works utilises custom-made widebody panels that replace factory bodywork, eliminating the need for extensive cutting. The result is an aggressive yet sleek transformation that retains the classic Liberty Walk style.



LB Works: True to the brand’s heritage, LB Works kits continue to impress with oversized arches, diffusers, and wings, maintaining the striking style of the original widebody conversions. LB Works conversions are the epitome of aggressive Liberty Walk enhancements for your vehicle.



LB Performance: For those seeking a more subtle touch, LB Performance kits offer a beautiful enhancement of the donor car’s existing features. While still unmistakably a Liberty Walk creation, LB Performance maintains the car’s original charm while adding a touch of Liberty Walk flair.



LB Nation: As Liberty Walk has primarily focused on high-end supercars and hypercars, LB Nation emerged as a means to make the brand accessible to a broader audience. These kits bring the iconic Liberty Walk style to smaller, more affordable “everyday cars,” expanding the brand’s reach and allowing more enthusiasts to enjoy their creations.



Authentic Liberty Walk Conversions at WRAPvehicles


As one of the main Liberty Walk suppliers in Manchester and Cheshire, WRAPvehicles is among the few companies with access to the LB Walk catalogue. We specialise in carrying out complete Liberty Walk conversions for a variety of cars, ensuring a genuine experience using authentic Liberty Walk parts. Our team of specialists boasts over a decade of Liberty Walk knowledge and experience, guiding you through the entire process from start to finish.



LB Walk Conversions – The Range

At WRAPvehicles, we offer an extensive range of LB Walk conversions for various makes and models. From the iconic Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari to the BMW i8 and Nissan GTR, our catalog boasts a diverse selection to suit your preferences. Whether you own an Audi, Dodge, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, McLaren, Maserati, or any other compatible vehicle, we have a Liberty Walk conversion waiting for you.

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Whether you're in Manchester, Cheshire, or anywhere else in the UK, we're here to make your Liberty Walk dreams a reality.

At WRAPvehicles, we take immense pride in showcasing a collection of stunning Liberty Walk conversions that will leave you in awe. Our gallery features a wide array of vehicles transformed into automotive masterpieces through the magic of Liberty Walk craftsmanship.


From the iconic Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari models to the sleek Audi R8 and powerful Nissan GTR, our Liberty Walk conversions encompass a diverse range of high-performance cars that have been elevated to a whole new level. Each image in our gallery tells a unique story of artistry, passion, and automotive innovation.


Whether you’re a fan of the bold LB Works kits, the refined LB Silhouette Works creations, or the subtle yet striking LB Performance conversions, our gallery offers a glimpse into the world of Liberty Walk and the limitless possibilities it brings to your vehicle.


These Liberty Walk transformations are not just mere modifications; they are automotive expressions of individuality and creativity. Our team of Liberty Walk specialists has painstakingly executed each conversion, ensuring that every detail reflects the unmistakable Liberty Walk style.

We invite you to browse through our gallery and immerse yourself in the world of Liberty Walk conversions. Witness how these high-performance machines have been transformed into head-turning, jaw-dropping works of automotive art.


If you’re eager to embark on your own Liberty Walk journey or have any questions about our gallery or services, feel free to reach out to us. WRAPvehicles is your go-to destination for authentic Liberty Walk conversions in Manchester, Cheshire, and across the UK. Let us make your automotive dreams a reality with our top-of-the-line Liberty Walk offerings. Visit our gallery today and witness the true artistry of WRAPvehicles’ Liberty Walk transformations!

Explore our impressive gallery of Liberty Walk conversions, all available at WRAPvehicles!


Liberty Walk is a Japanese automotive tuning company known for its wide-body car conversions. They specialize in creating unique and aggressive body kits that give vehicles a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

Liberty Walk car conversions involve outfitting vehicles with wide-body kits, which include extended fenders, aggressive bumpers, side skirts, and rear diffusers. These modifications drastically widen the car’s stance and give it a more aggressive and custom look.

Liberty Walk offers a wide range of body kits for various car models from popular manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Nissan, and more. While they have kits for many different models, not all cars are supported, and availability may vary depending on the specific model and year.

The cost of a Liberty Walk conversion varies depending on the specific body kit, the car model, and additional customisations. On average, it can range from several thousand to tens of thousands of pounds. High-quality materials and craftsmanship contribute to the premium price of these conversions.

Liberty Walk conversions primarily focus on aesthetics and don’t have a direct impact on the vehicle’s performance. However, the wider body and aerodynamic components may slightly influence handling and stability at high speeds.

Liberty Walk kits can be both road-legal and non-road-legal, depending on the specific kit and your country’s regulations. Some kits may be designed for show or track purposes only and might not meet road safety standards. 

While some experienced car enthusiasts may attempt to install Liberty Walk kits themselves, it is vital to seek professional assistance. The installation process can be complex, requiring precise adjustments and modifications, and improper installation may lead to structural issues or compromised aesthetics.

While Liberty Walk conversions offer a striking visual upgrade, there are a few considerations. The wider stance can make parking and navigating tight spaces challenging. Additionally, the aggressive design may not appeal to everyone, and some purists may prefer to maintain the car’s original aesthetics.