Vehicle Customisation for Ultra high internet worth individuals (UHNWI)

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High Net Worth vehicle customisation

After numerous enquires we’ve made the decision to provide a specific plan to our clients within the UHNWI bracket. For that enthusiastic vehicle fan we are able to discuss the vehicle customisation process in person using a meeting at the offices or home. But when organising a particular meeting exclusively for any vehicle customisation project will matter we are able to work an alternative way.

To get rid of the trouble and time connected using the vehicle customization process we can liaise with agents, spouses, personal assistants (PA’s), etc. With a nominated 3rd party we are able to make sure the vehicle customisation process is transported to the right standards and specifications however with minimal direct communication using the client and for that reason minimal disruption. Communications could be stored low to possess minimal effect on the customer although still obtaining the vehicle they need. Additionally, it provides a great “grand unveiling” moment once the vehicle is finished and sent to the customer.

Our regular clients include footballers, sport & TV personalities, property developers and investment professionals. These customers are cash wealthy but time poor. Therefore we use their assistants to produce a bespoke vehicle for their demands. This method can be obtained for that full-range of vehicle customization products we provide at Wrapvehicles, so includes our vehicle wraps, window tints, alloy wheels, bodykits, interior reupholstery, performance modifications and finish vehicle conversions (Brabus, Mansory, Black Edition, etc).

Our UHNWI vehicle customisations services can be found nationwide came about the United kingdom, with delivery and collection services available. Our vehicle delivery/collection services could be transported out Personally and among our account managers, or via Gps navigation tracked low loader vehicles (covered and uncovered).

Get the fleet colour coded

UHNWI are able to afford to buy any vehicle, but stock availability often means colours or exact needed specifications might not available with no factory order that may take anything fro 6 week to three years. To operate for this issue and provide you with the vehicle you would like within the correct colour and specs we are able to customise an available vehicle.

We are able to wrap the vehicle it to own preferred colour. Our vehicle wrap colour range is unrivalled and includes almost every colour and finished you are able to consider. If you want a particular factory colour we are able to explore the choices, use the dealerships and try to get as near a match towards the factory colour as is practical in the colours inside our vehicle wrap range. To accomplish the illusion from the new coloured vehicle, we are able to boost the wrapping tactic to incorporate coverage of colored areas. Areas for example door shits, door sills, boot sills, door support beams, etc all can be covered with the brand new colour to provide complete coverage.

Yet another process may also be added for several vehicle wrap finishes to own colour a much deeper look having a glossy finish the ienc hydrophobic. Our nano ceramic coatings for wrapped cars will help enhance wrapped vehicle surfaces to improve the sense of the colored finish.

If the vehicle that’s available be missing some important additional features we are able to retro fit optional extras for example reverse cameras, parking sensors, tinted home windows, black window trims, etc. Again assisting to complete the feel of the available vehicle within days, rather of waiting days or several weeks for any factory order.

If the thought of getting a number of personal vehicles all within the same colour then our vehicle wrapping is capable of this. By electing a particular vehicle wrap colour you are able to ensure all cars inside the fleet are the identical colour. Unlike vehicle manufacturers factory paint colours, there aren’t any variations between your colours. So a white-colored wrap is going to be the identical shade of white-colored on all cars. Trying to do this via manufacturers paint colours can be difficult, as every vehicle brand has their very own specific paint mix. So a gloss white-colored on the BMW, Bentley, Mercedes and Ferrari are likely to be different. However with a vehicle rap this is often eliminated.

Sourcing from the perfect vehicle

Desire a specific high finish modified vehicle? With more than ten years of industry experience we will help help you find the right vehicle, or maybe there is nothing presently available, we are able to source a vehicle to  modify and customise towards the needed specs. Minimising the time and effort the customer has to purchase obtaining the vehicle they need. Exclusive low volume production cars from companies for example Mansory, Brabus and Kahn could be sourced or we are able to retro fit the adjustments to some donor vehicle to produce a manufacturer approved form of the vehicle.

Listed here are the important thing items that our UHNWI can utilise to produce their perfect bespoke vehicle:

To discover what give us a call to the UHNWI clients please get in contact via 0161 641 8374 or

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