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Are you tired of those mundane drives where your car feels more like a dull shell than a lively ride? Look no further! WRAPvehicles is here to jazz up your car’s interior and transform it into the ultimate entertainment hub!


Unleash the Fun with In-Car Entertainment in Manchester:

At WRAPvehicles, we believe that driving should never be boring. That’s why we offer the most exciting and cutting-edge in-car entertainment packages in Manchester, guaranteed to elevate your driving experience to a whole new level.



Car Multimedia Manchester: Embrace the Tech Wonderland!

Welcome to our tech wonderland! With our state-of-the-art car multimedia systems, your car will be transformed into a modern entertainment powerhouse. Say goodbye to outdated radios and clunky CD players – say hello to immersive infotainment! Enjoy your favourite music, podcasts, and audiobooks, all at your fingertips.



CarPlay Manchester: Your Car, Your World, Connected!

Ever wished your car could sync seamlessly with your iPhone? Buckle up and get ready for CarPlay Manchester! Connect your iPhone to our CarPlay system and unleash a world of possibilities. Access your favourite apps, use voice commands for hands-free control, and stay connected to your contacts while on the move.



Transform Your Commute into a Party!

Who says the party should wait until you reach your destination? With our in-car entertainment packages, every ride becomes a celebration! Blast your favorite tunes with our premium sound systems, complete with heart-thumping bass that’ll make you feel the music like never before. Turn heads on the road as you become the life of the mobile party!



Customise Your Entertainment Oasis:

At WRAPvehicles, we believe in personalisation. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design the perfect in-car entertainment setup that matches your style and preferences. From flashy LED lights to sleek touchscreen displays, we’ve got everything you need to turn heads and have fun on the road.



Why Choose WRAPvehicles?

1. Passion for Fun: We’re car enthusiasts just like you! Our team is driven by a shared passion for making every car ride a thrilling experience.

2. Top-Notch Quality: We only offer the best in-car entertainment products and services. Rest assured, you’ll receive nothing but top-notch quality and performance.

3. Experienced Pros: Our team is highly skilled and experienced in installing car multimedia and CarPlay systems. We guarantee a seamless setup that leaves you delighted.

4. Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We won’t stop until you’re beaming with joy over your new in-car entertainment oasis!



Disclaimer: At WRAPvehicles, we prioritize safety above all else. Please enjoy the in-car entertainment responsibly and ensure it doesn’t distract you from driving safely.

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Ready to embark on an entertainment revolution? Upgrade your in-car experience with WRAPvehicles! We're here to add a splash of fun to your drives and make every journey a memorable one.
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WRAPvehicles offers a wide range of in-car entertainment systems, including touchscreen multimedia displays, premium audio systems, rear-seat entertainment solutions, smartphone integration, and advanced navigation systems.

Yes, absolutely! WRAPvehicles specializes in customisation. You can choose from various multimedia components, audio upgrades, and additional features to create a personalized in-car entertainment system tailored to your preferences and needs.

Yes, most of the in-car entertainment systems at WRAPvehicles support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, ensuring seamless integration with both Android and iOS devices for enhanced smartphone connectivity and functionality.

WRAPvehicles partners with renowned audio brands like Bose, Harman Kardon, Bang & Olufsen, JBL, and others to provide high-quality audio solutions that deliver immersive and crystal-clear sound experiences.

Yes, the rear-seat entertainment systems available at WRAPvehicles support multiple media formats, including DVDs, Blu-rays, USB drives, SD cards, and even streaming services, allowing passengers to enjoy their favorite movies, shows, and music during journeys.

Yes, WRAPvehicles offers integration with steering wheel controls and voice recognition features, enabling drivers to manage the in-car entertainment system safely without taking their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

Yes, all in-car entertainment and multimedia systems installed by WRAPvehicles come with manufacturer warranties, ensuring you have peace of mind and support in case of any technical issues.

Yes, WRAPvehicles has a team of experienced and certified technicians who handle the professional installation of all in-car entertainment systems. This ensures proper integration and functionality while maintaining the aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior.