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With this success in Manchester & Cheshire during the last 8 years we’re now searching to grow nationwide over the United kingdom and into landmass Europe. To get this done we are offering franchisee possibilities inside our vehicle wrapping business. This exciting access point in to the interesting realm of vehicle wrapping and automotive modification.

Like a franchisee of Wrapvehicles you’ll have use of our services and products and take advantage of discounted rates overall. The franchising process will help within the setup of the standalone vehicle wrapping and vehicle modification company .

The web site

We’ll generate a Wrapvehicles derived website for the location and link it to our effective homepage, giving your completely new vehicle wrapping website an excellent boost on the internet along with other search engines like google in the beginning.

To make sure your site is famous your designated area additional Search engine optimization techniques is going to be used regularly to obtain your vehicle wrapping website to the peak of local google searches, and obtain customers calling you.

Social networking

For action towards the presence online produced from your websites we’ll also create several social networking accounts to link your web presence together and make effective online profile for the franchise which will gain local attention although also enabling you to publish content concerning the work you do. We’ll help in the development of social networking profiles with a large number of supporters/visitors.

Vehicle wrap training

We’ll provide complete vehicle wrap training to 3M approved standards and we of heavily experienced installers is going to be open to give additional advice and assistance when needed.

Additionally towards the training we’ll help with vetting employees and show you within the right direction to create a professional team that’ll be able to regularly wrapping vehicles to the high standards.

Local projects

When your team have finished training we’ll utilise the services you provide for just about any installation we’ve nearer your home or nearby. These projects provide your franchise with guarantee regular work that’s usually lengthy standing helping to repay your initial franchise investments.

Vehicle wrap materials and tools

Included in the franchise deal you’ll be provided with the vehicle wrapping tools you might need including wrapping knives, squeegees, application solutions, wrapping mitts, heat guns, etc. In your training you’ll be schooled in using many of these tools properly and also the guidelines to follow along with in daily usage.

With regards to the vehicle wrapping vinyls we’ll provide sample piece of fabric books of available colour and finishes from the 3 major primary brands we use and promote (3M, Avery and Hexis) and addition colour books from another popular vinyl manufacturers to provide you with the opportunity to supply the correct colour for just about any possible client.

Past the vehicle wrap piece of fabric books we’ll also supply all franchises with pre-registered accounts using the primary vinyl manufacturers and distributors. Enabling you to ensure an excellent cost on material orders along with a guaranteed quality each time. For anyone who is unsure on any material colours or abilities we and also the manufacturers are only a telephone call away.

Print and style

To match your franchise to support for commercial vehicle wraps (an essential sector for that vehicle wrapping industry) you have to be capable of design and print the automobile wrap vinyl. Included in the Wrapvehicles franchise network we provides you with graphics design services and full printing abilities. Combined these types of services will help you to supply all types of car wrap, from cars wraps to van wraps, from bus wraps the18 wheeler wraps. The opportunity to print top quality vehicle wrap materials which have been professionally designed will open ever avenue of profitability with no expense connected with purchasing and managing a large format digital printer. Allowing Wrapvehicles to seize control from the print and style sector of the specific franchise will help you to focus on the physical installing of the automobile wrap vinyls and running the daily operations of the effective business. Although still keeping the prices competitive.

To properly franchise the Wrapvehicles brand it’s imperative that people allow our franchisees to give the true one-stop-shop style solution we provide at kingdom. What this means is including the opportunity to offer lots of additional automotive modifications additionally towards the core vehicle wrapping services.

Paint protection film

In writing paint protection film appears to become only a obvious form of an automobile wrap, but because of its additional thickness and specialised manufacture it’s considerably different.

The paint protection films are made to safeguard vehicle paintwork against stone chips and minor scratches. The extra thickness from the material imply that they can’t be extended around curves like vehicle wrap and thus require specialised tools and techniques to set up them properly.

Included in the franchise we’d supply ether additional practicing the PPF installations or perhaps a dedicated professional trade installer to operate along with.

Window tinting film

A typical service most vehicle wrapping companies offer, window tinting film is a crucial service that lots of customers asks for. To make sure your franchise can hold fo ratios we’d arrange full window tinting film training and quality branded materials to permit your franchise to provide window tinting film being an optional extra service.


Within the last four years Wrapvehicles is becoming increasingly more active in the permanent vehicle modification sector, with an ever increasing selection of bodykits and graphite parts being put into our product range. The connections we’ve developed during the last couple of years allows your franchise also to offer bodykits from big named brands for example Brabus, Lumma, Prior Design, DMC  and Kahn.

All bodykit and styling modification product could be offered with full professional installation, and could be coupled with other services for example vehicle wrapping and window tinting film to increase profits and client satisfaction.

Interior re-upholstery

Within the cars you’ll be able to provide complete interior reupholstery services, with quilted leather, alcantara, custom stitching, etc.

Alloy Wheels

Your franchise may benefit from your connection within the wheel industry, enabling you to offer teams of amazing forged alloy wheels from big brands for example ADV1, Vossen and HRE Wheels.

Performance Tuning

All Wrapvehicles franchises may also be capable of offer a wide range of performance mediations, from simple ECU remapping as much as full engine conversions.


Security is a crucial concern for a number of our customers because of the very high cost their cars. We love to to support with this by providing an excellent choice of Cat 5 and Cat 6 Gps navigation vehicle trackers. Franchisees can offer tracker installation for their customer any place in the United kingdom in addition to in their own installation center.


Something we at Wrapvehicles have lately put into our range of products, hydro dipping enables for intricate parts and interior trims to become coated in patterned films (including graphite effect). These hydro dipped parts look just like graphite but cost a small fraction of the price. This really is another service we are including inside the franchise package.

Vehicle decals and graphics

Cut and formed vinyls may be used on cars and vans to produce decals or sign writing. While not always as exciting as vehicle wraps, sign writing jobs will help keep cash creating any franchise daily. And the opportunity to offer vehicle graphs for track day cars and cars could be a good way of creating up more contacts.

The services and products in the above list are simply the primary service we’ll share and help with included in a franchise, but because a franchisee you actually obtain a huge package enabling you to develop a very effective vehicle wrapping and vehicle modification company having a massive initial boost to help you get established and permit you to dominate the automobile wrapping sector nearer your home without making the typical mistakes new companies make.

To learn more about our franchising possibilities please call us on 0161 641 8374 or send us an email. We’re pleased to discuss exact locations and prices for that different sized franchise areas. If you possess the capability to learn, strive if this matters, and therefore are enthusiastic about the automotive industry then get in contact like a Wrapvehicles vehicle wrapping franchise might be ideal  or else you.

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