Super gloss car wraps

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A new trend within the car wrapping industry is the high gloss and super gloss car wraps. Advancements in the vehicle wrap vinyls have made it possible to manufacture very glossy vinyl that is almost indistinguishable from true paint. Recently, true paint colour ranges are being reproduced in a near perfect lookalike version with impressive results. These ultra-glossy wraps will allow popular colours such as Audi Nardo Grey and Porsche Light Crayon to be recreated in a perfect representation of their respective shades.

Super gloss vinyl car wraps are a new trend within the vehicle wrap industry. They are used to replicate highly gloss paint finishes, these shine with a deep colour and tone that is very impressive.

If you want the world to take notice of your car, then why not consider a super gloss car wrap. There is something very striking about a car with a glossy almost scratch free finish. It is like a mirror reflecting all the colours around it, creating a glossy candy effect look that has never been seen on automotive wraps before.

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