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Change the colour of production lights and equipment to match the design requirements of the stage production and the artists requests.

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Pioneers of Light Wrapping for Stage Excellence


The Power of Light Wrapping in Production 
Elevate your stage performances with WRAPvehicles’ revolutionary light wrapping services. Cater to the unique demands of performance artists, their crew, and innovative stage designers. Our mastery in wrapping ensures a visual spectacle, making every show an unforgettable experience for audiences worldwide.


Why Choose Our TV Show Wrapping & Product Wraps?
As the world of live events and TV shows evolves, so do the requirements for stage aesthetics. We provide a seamless solution to transform your lighting and production equipment. Our vast array of vinyl wrapping colours and finishes means we can match the exact vision of your production team, down to the minute details.


Compatible with Leading Technology
We pride ourselves on versatility. Whether it’s GLP lights, Impression lights, the 12Z, X5 bar, or other popular stage lighting systems, our wrapping services integrate perfectly. No model is out of reach for our expert touch.


Diverse Palette for Every Vision
We understand the need for variety in stage productions. From the ethereal silver chrome to the striking bold green or the avant-garde glossy pink, our spectrum of colours ensures your show stands out. And if you’re in the mood for something truly unique, our funky purple or vibrant orange might just be the flair you need.


More Than Just Colours: Finishes That Mesmerise
Beyond traditional hues, our product wraps delve into a realm of extraordinary finishes. Imagine lights adorned with mirror chrome, satin chrome, or even the unexpected soft touch of velvet. Add an exotic touch with finishes like sequins leathers, ostrich skin, alligator leather, and chameleon effect. And for those who want a bespoke touch, our custom printed designs offer limitless creativity.


Simplified Process for Maximum Efficiency
Vinyl wrapping production lights is a breeze with WRAPvehicles. Our spacious warehouse can handle bulk orders with ease. Simply book your order, coordinate the delivery, and we’ll ensure your newly wrapped lighting equipment is ready for collection.

product wrapping - stage light wrapping UK
product wrapping - stage light wrapping UK

As the leading name in light wrapping, tv show wrapping, and product wraps, WRAPvehicles is committed to taking your production to stellar heights. Our vast options for production lighting colour change ensure you never have to compromise on your vision.

Explore just a small selection of the colour options for stage production lights and equipment when WRAPvehicles are appointed to assist with the colour change requirements.


Our service transforms stage lights and equipment, offering custom colours and finishes to meet intricate designs or artist requests, enhancing the overall stage aesthetic.

Absolutely! We can modify stage production lighting to almost any colour, from mirror chrome and shimmering gold to vibrant pink, blue, and more.

We offer a range of finishes including shiny chrome, anti-reflective velvet, sequins, tactile leathers, and even custom printed designs to match your production’s theme.

All installations are handled in-house at our state-of-the-art Manchester warehouse, ensuring quality and precision. However if require our team are available for remote installations on location worldwide.

Our process is streamlined to be highly efficient, providing a cost-effective solution to make transformative changes to stage productions on a global scale.

Our vinyl wraps are crafted to integrate seamlessly, maintaining the integrity and performance of the equipment while elevating its appearance.

We pride ourselves on bending to the wills of any request, ensuring that even the most intricate or unique visions are brought to life through our services.

Our wraps are robust, withstanding the demands of dynamic stage environments while retaining their appearance and functionality.