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When the world of television and live events seeks unparalleled quality and precision in vinyl wrapping, they turn to WRAPvehicles. Our expertise in TV show wrapping not only adds a splash of visual brilliance but also plays a crucial role in elevating the aesthetic essence of on-screen marvels.


Showcasing Stellar Collaborations


Big Names Trust Us
From the dynamic worlds of Endermol and Wheeler Dealers to the adrenaline-packed arenas of Hot Wheels and Red Bull, WRAPvehicles boasts an impressive clientele. Manchester United’s fleet shimmering in club colours, bespoke creations for Goblin Works Garage, or head-turning vehicles for world-renowned music artists; our portfolio is as diverse as it is prestigious.


More Than Just Vehicles


Signage that Stands Out
While we’re acclaimed for our vehicle wraps, our prowess doesn’t end there. Our expertise extends to crafting large-scale signage, pivotal for live events and marketing showcases. Through precision, innovation, and the art of storytelling, we ensure your brand captures every eye and imprints every heart.


Why Choose WRAPvehicles for Your TV Show Wrapping Needs?


Unmatched Precision 
In the world of television and live events, every pixel matters. We pride ourselves on the meticulous attention to detail in every project, ensuring that your vehicles and signs resonate perfectly with your audience and setting.


Tailored Solutions
Every TV show, event, and brand is unique. Our team collaborates closely with clients, understanding the essence of their vision and crafting vinyl solutions that mirror their aspirations.


Timely Delivery
In the fast-paced world of television and events, time is of the essence. Our dedicated team ensures that projects are not only completed to perfection but also delivered on schedule, every time.


Join the Ranks of Our Esteemed Partners
Align your TV show or event with the very best in the industry. Trust in WRAPvehicles’ commitment to excellence, and let us transform your visions into captivating realities.

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Choose WRAPvehicles today for your TV show wrapping and live event needs. Where your vision meets our expertise, magic unfolds.

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Vinyl wrapping provides a versatile and cost-effective solution to customise sets, props, and equipment. It allows for rapid aesthetic changes, creates immersive environments, and enhances the visual appeal of TV shows and live events without the need for permanent alterations.

Our premium-quality vinyl wraps are designed to withstand the rigours of live performances and on-set activities. They are resistant to minor abrasions and can endure the typical wear and tear of TV show and event settings. However, they are not permanent and can be removed or replaced as needed.

Absolutely! We offer customised vinyl wraps tailored to your specific designs, patterns, or branding needs. This is perfect for promoting sponsors, showcasing brand identities, or aligning with the theme of the TV show or event.

The application and removal time depends on the size and complexity of the object being wrapped. However, vinyl wraps are generally quicker to apply and remove compared to traditional methods like painting. For urgent requirements, we recommend discussing timelines with our team to ensure timely completion.

Yes, our vinyl wraps are manufactured to be flame-resistant and safe to use around typical stage and set lighting. However, as with any material, it’s crucial to maintain a safe distance from direct heat sources or open flames.

inyl wrapping often presents a more cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, especially when considering versatility, reusability, and the reduced need for labour and materials. Additionally, the quick application and removal process can lead to savings in terms of production downtime.