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Lamborghini Modifications and Upgrades in the UK
Luxury & Performance Enhancements for Aventador, Huracan, Gallardo, and More!

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Welcome to Wrapvehicles, your premier destination for high-end automotive modifications and upgrades. We take immense pride in offering a wide array of bespoke Lamborghini customisation options to cater to the discerning needs of our clientele in Manchester, Cheshire, and throughout the UK.

Lamborghini Wraps – Unleash Your Style!

Vehicle wraps are our specialty, and we’re passionate about transforming your Lamborghini with a stunning selection of over 100 colors and various finishes. Choose from our exclusive range, including Gloss Wraps for a statement-making look like Nardo Grey or crisp ice white.


Metallic Wraps provide a metallic paint replacement with glittery or candy-coloured options, while Matte Wraps offer a non-reflective, stealthy appearance. For a semi-gloss look that accentuates the curves, opt for Satin Wraps or take it up a notch with Satin Metallic Wraps.

Pearl Wraps recreate the elegance of factory paint pearl colors, and Colour Flip / Change Wraps create an iridescent, colour-shifting effect. For a striking finish, explore our Carbon Fibre Wraps, Brushed Metal Wraps, Velvet Wraps, and Chrome Wraps – the pinnacle of our colour change range, guaranteed to enhance your Lamborghini’s road presence.

Lamborghini Window Tints – Privacy and Style Combined

While Lamborghini windows are often small, we can still add a touch of style and privacy with our professional window tinting service.

Lamborghini Bodykits – Elevate Your Supercar’s Aesthetics

Our dedication to providing extreme and personalised upgrades for Lamborghini owners is evident in our vast selection of bodykits and styling parts. Partnering with renowned brands like Mansory and DMC, we offer an array of options to transform your Lamborghini into a unique masterpiece.

From carbon fiber styling packages to full body transformations, we cater to various models, including the Gallardo and Huracan. Experience the ultimate luxury and personalisation with the Mansory Carbonado or DMC’s exclusive widebody packages.

Lamborghini Interior Upgrades – Elevate the Luxe Factor

Our expertise extends to enhancing the already luxurious Lamborghini interiors. Carbon fiber accessories by DMC, Mansory, and UK carbon fiber manufacturers are available for various interior parts. But why stop there? Partnering with Mansory, we offer extensive interior reupholstery services. Customise every aspect of your Lamborghini’s cabin, from seats to headlining, with bespoke colours, patterns, and monograms. For the ultimate cockpit experience, opt for the Carbonado package, enveloping the interior in signature Mansory patterned carbon fibre.

Lamborghini Performance Enhancement – Unleash the Beast


For those seeking more power, Mansory and DMC offer bespoke ECU power packs for the Aventador and Huracan. Push the limits with the Mansory twin-turbo charging kit, elevating the Aventador to approximately 1250BHP. Need even more power? We have bespoke options that exceed the 1500BHP mark.

Lamborghini Alloy Wheels – Style Redefined

Personalise your Lamborghini without modifying the vehicle itself by choosing from our impressive selection of forged alloy wheels. Our partnerships with Mansory and DMC ensure an eclectic range specially designed to complement Lamborghini’s design and styling packages. Additionally, we offer sought-after brands like ADV1, HRE, ANRKY and Vossen, offering timeless designs and customisable options.

Lamborghini Trackers – Protect Your Investment

Securing your prized possession is essential. Our CAT 5 GPS vehicle trackers provide maximum protection against opportunistic theft, ensuring peace of mind for Lamborghini owners.

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Discover the Possibilities

The products and services mentioned above are just a glimpse of the customisation options available at Wrapvehicles. Based in Manchester, we primarily cater to clients in Manchester and Cheshire, but our reach extends nationwide. Whether you seek more information on specific products or wish to receive a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to turn your Lamborghini dreams into reality!

Discover the epitome of luxury and bespoke automotive artistry in our Lamborghini Customisation Gallery – where innovation meets elegance and your dream supercar comes to life! Step into a world of limitless possibilities and witness the awe-inspiring transformations that redefine automotive excellence.


Modifying your Lamborghini may void the manufacturer’s warranty, as it alters the original specifications. To avoid this, consult with authorized dealers or specialists who can provide approved aftermarket modifications that won’t void the warranty.

The most common Lamborghini modifications include aftermarket exhaust systems, performance tuning, suspension upgrades, aerodynamic enhancements, and custom wheels. Some owners also opt for cosmetic changes like vinyl wraps or custom paint jobs.

Yes, depending on the modifications you choose, your Lamborghini’s performance can be significantly enhanced. Performance upgrades like engine tuning, intake enhancements, and exhaust systems can improve horsepower, acceleration, and overall driving dynamics.

Yes, there are legal restrictions on modifications in many regions. Some modifications, like excessively loud exhausts or certain body modifications, may violate local laws and emissions regulations. It’s essential to research and comply with the laws in your area before making any modifications.

While it is technically possible to install a forced induction system on a naturally-aspirated Lamborghini, it is a complex and costly modification. Moreover, it may affect the engine’s reliability and longevity. It’s essential to work with experienced professionals to ensure proper installation and tuning. Thankfully WRAPvehicles work alongside some of the worlds greatest tuning companies. Allowing our company to offer the exclusive turbocharged Huracan and turbocharged Aventador. Providing performance figures in excess of 2000BHP, if you are brave enough. These elusive modifications are also available for turbocharging the Audi R8.

The cost of Lamborghini modifications can vary significantly based on the type and extent of modifications. Basic cosmetic upgrades might be more affordable, while extensive performance enhancements can be quite expensive, potentially ranging from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands or more. However compared to the value of the asset the modification costs are a significantly lower percentage value compared to modifications on sports cars.

In some cases, extensive or poorly executed modifications can negatively affect the resale value of your Lamborghini. Therefore it is paramount that any Lamborghini modifications are carried out by specialists with adequate insurance coverage, such as WRAPvehicles.

Some potential buyers may prefer a stock vehicle with a clean history and no modifications. If you plan to sell your car in the future, consider reversible and tasteful modifications.

Safety is paramount when modifying any vehicle, especially high-performance cars like Lamborghinis. Work with reputable and experienced automotive professionals who specialise in Lamborghini modifications. Ensure that they use high-quality parts, perform rigorous testing, and adhere to all safety standards during the modification process. Regular maintenance and safety inspections are also crucial to keeping your modified Lamborghini in top condition.