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Velvet Car Wraps – Unleash Unparalleled Elegance for Your Vehicle

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Introducing Velvet Car Wraps – A Rare and Memorable Finish for Your Car


Unveiling the Exclusivity of Velvet Car Wraps

Discover the novelty of velvet car wraps, a brand new and exclusive offering in the UK. Elevate your car’s appeal with this remarkable finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Endless Colour Options for Your Velvet Car Wrap

Choose from over a dozen different colours, including super matte black, racing red, and vibrant pink. Rest assured, our synthetic velvet wrap material ensures durability without the concerns of mould or other issues associated with real velvet.

Seamless Application on All Vehicle Types

Experience the same conformability as standard vehicle wrap films, by allowing our velvet car wraps to be expertly fitted to any vehicle’s curves and recesses.

A WOW Factor Unlike Anything Else

Although our velvet car wraps rank among our most expensive options, their instant attention-grabbing allure is unparalleled. Prepare for heads to turn and jaws to drop when your vehicle dons this distinctive velvet finish.

Beyond Exterior Wraps: Interior Possibilities

The versatility of velvet car wrap vinyl extends beyond exteriors. Use it to cover painted plastics, wood, and metals inside your car, achieving a highly realistic velvet finish for a touch of opulence.

Simple Maintenance for Lasting Luxury

Cleaning a velvet car wrap is hassle-free; a jet washer and soap-free surface ensure a pristine appearance. Embrace the elegance without worries about upkeep.

Endless Creativity with Velvet Car Wraps

Combine velvet car wraps with our standard vehicle wrap films to create captivating contrasts. Picture a chrome wrap with suede racing stripes or brushed metal with velvet accents on air scoops – the possibilities are limitless.

Ready to Elevate Your Ride?

Pricing for velvet car wraps starts at £2500 for small cars and can be in excess of £5000 for large vehicles. Get a custom quote for your car’s transformation by reaching out to us today via phone or email.

Key Features of Velvet Car Wraps

  • Truly innovative and exclusive look
  • A head-turning statement wherever you go
  • Ultimate matte black finish with no light escape
  • Easy-to-clean and maintain
  • Applicable for both exterior and interior use
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Elevate your vehicle's appeal with our exquisite velvet car wraps. Experience unmatched elegance and stand out on the roads. Contact us now for a custom quote and transform your ride into a velvet masterpiece.

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Velvet car wraps are a unique type of vehicle wrap that imitates the luxurious texture of velvet fabric, offering a soft and velvety touch to your car’s exterior.

Yes, despite their soft texture, modern velvet car wraps are designed to be durable and weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance with proper maintenance.

Yes, you can wash your car with a velvet wrap. However, it’s recommended to use a gentle hand wash method and avoid high-pressure washers to prevent damage to the velvet texture.

Velvet wraps can be applied to various car models, but their compatibility depends on the wrap material and the car’s surface. Consult a professional vehicle wrapping service for personalised advice.

Installing a velvet car wrap requires precision and expertise. It involves surface preparation, precise trimming, and skilled application to achieve a seamless and luxurious finish.

Yes, velvet car wraps are removable, provided they are correctly installed. A professional wrap service can remove the wrap without damaging the car’s paintwork.

Velvet car wraps come in various colours, including rich hues like black, red, blue, and more. 

While velvet wraps can add a touch of luxury, they might not be the ideal choice for commercial vehicles due to potential wear and tear from heavy use. It’s best to consider more durable options for such applications.