Intro our new unit @ Trafford Park, Manchester

WRAPvehicles Manchester - Unit entranceIMG_4064

We would like to introduce everyone to our new Vehicle Wrapping Centre in Trafford Park. In the Summer of 2022 we decided to expand Wrapvehicles to accommodate for the growing number of enquiries. Our Astley installation centre is still operational but will focus mainly on commercial vehicle wrapping, van graphics and our Truckman pickup accessory installations.

The new Trafford Park Car Wrapping Installation Centre is just under 3000sqft in size, allowing Wrapvehicles to accommodate for the wrapping of up to 10 cars at once in Manchester.

Located within the popular Stretford Motorway Estate, the new Wrapvehicles Vehicle Wrapping Centre offers our customers a very convenient location to get their cars wrapped. We are easy to find and being located just 2 minutes from the Trafford Centre means our customers can easily go shopping whilst they wait for their car to be wrapped. 

We will also be offering a door to door service for the Trafford Centre, allowing our customers to drop off their car for wrapping, go shopping at the Trafford Centre and have their car delivered to them at the Trafford Centre once ready. The ultimate level of convenience for your car wrapping needs.


Our new Vehicle wrapping centre in Manchester features an engaging entrance tunnel that transports visitors to either the car wrapping hub or the main office, where they can discuss their car wrapping requirements.

The new Manchester car wrapping installation centre in Trafford Park is freshly refurbished and modern, giving the WrapVehicles team the ideal location to wrap our customers prestigious and performance vehicles. 

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