Cheshire car wrapping

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Cheshire is one of the main areas that Wrapvehicles provides car wrapping service to. Wrapvehicles are one of the North West’s top vehicle wrapping companies for prestige cars. 90% of the cars we wrap at Wrapvehicles are luxury or performance cars, approximately 50% of our clients are from Cheshire.


Car wrapping in Alderley Edge is available from Wrapvehicles. Popular cars wrapped in this area of Cheshire are Range Rovers, Rolls Royces and Bentleys.

Wrapvehicles offers can wrapping services in Wilmslow, Cheshire. A benefit of Wrapvehicles is that we have a business lounge at The Colony, Wilmslow. This business lounge allows our clients to pre-book consultations with the Directors to discuss their car wrapping requirements. The Colony lounge is a great place for our customers to come and have a relaxed chat about their ideas for their car. Allowing them to review the full colour ranges of the car wrap vinyls as well as talk about other car customisation they are interested in.


Knutsford is another area where our car wrapping services are popular. Many of our clients in the Knutsford, Cheshire area have performance cars that they want wrapping. A lot of our Lamborghini wraps live in Knutsford.

Car wrapping is available for customers in Cheshire areas including Macclesfield, Congleton and Ponyton.

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