From Gloss to Boss: The Tesla Model S’s Custom Satin Makeover

Tesla Model S wrapped in satin black by WRAPvehicles Manchester

Imagine a Tesla Model S in gloss black – sleek, yes, but it’s something you’ve seen before. Now, imagine that same car, transformed by WRAPvehicles with a bespoke bodykit and wrapped in a stunning new satin black finish. This isn’t just any makeover; it’s a custom creation that makes this Tesla a true one-of-one.

The Challenge: The Tesla came to us looking fine but ordinary. The owner wanted something extraordinary – a car with unparalleled road presence.

Custom Creations: Our team designed and installed a totally bespoke bodykit, focusing heavily on transforming the front end. The result? A jaw-dropping look that’s as aggressive as it is elegant.

The Wrap: We enveloped the car in a luxurious satin black finish, meticulously applied to showcase the new lines and curves introduced by the bodykit.

This Tesla Model S left our centre completely reborn, a unique masterpiece that turns heads and dominates roads. It’s more than just a car; it’s a statement. Dive into our detailed post for more on how we achieved this transformation and see the stunning results for yourself!

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