Battle Ready: The Mercedes C63s Coupe’s Stunning Military Makeover

mercedes c63s coupe wrapped in 3M military green by WRAPvehicles Manchester

When a Mercedes C63s Coupe rolled into our workshop already wrapped but showing signs of wear, we knew we had a challenge on our hands. But at WRAPvehicles, challenges are what we live for! Join us as we take this luxury powerhouse from bubble-wrapped bummer to military green magnificence.

Initial Assessment: Our team evaluated the existing wrap, noting the bubbles and areas of failure. It was clear that a professional touch was needed to bring this beast back to life.

The Transformation Process: After carefully removing the old wrap and giving the car a thorough clean-up, we chose a 3M Military Green with a matte finish to complement its bold features. We added gloss black decals and stripes to enhance its road presence and tied it all together with an extended exterior carbon fibre package.

Finishing Touches: No makeover is complete without attention to detail. We powder-coated the wheels matte black, adding a stealthy touch that perfectly matches the car’s new vibe.

The transformation of the Mercedes C63s Coupe is nothing short of spectacular. With its new military-inspired wrap and upgraded features, it’s ready to command attention on any road it conquers. Check out our gallery for before-and-after photos and let us know what you think!

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