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Unleash Creativity with WRAPvehicles: Your Destination for Newcastle Vehicle Wrapping

Welcome to the World of WRAPvehicles Newcastle

WRAPvehicles Newcastle is a lively branch of the illustrious WRAPvehicles Manchester. We are renowned for our robust portfolio of automobile customisation offerings. From car wraps to airplane wraps, performance modifications to interior upgrades, we’ve got your ride covered. Literally!


Rev Up with Our Services:

  • Car Wraps: Newcastle, meet the transformation magic of car wraps!
  • Van, Bus, Boat, Aeroplane, and Helicopter Wraps: Not just cars, we wrap it all. Make waves, own the skies, or rule the roads with our bespoke wraps.
  • Alloy Wheels: Keep your wheels turning in style with our selection of alloys.
  • Window Tinting: Add a touch of cool and privacy with professional window tinting.
  • Paint Protection Films: Keep your ride looking showroom fresh with our protective films.
  • Bodykits: Make a statement on the streets with our bodykit supply and installation.
  • Performance Modifications: Unleash the beast within your vehicle.
  • Interior Upgrades and Re-upholstery: Give your car’s interior a facelift for that plush, new-car feel.
  • Vehicle Trackers: Stay connected with your car at all times. Security just went up a notch!
  • Hydro-dipping: For those seeking that extra personal touch, explore the art of hydro-dipping.

Unwrap the Wrapping Experience with WRAPvehicles


Specialties that Make Us Stand Out

  • Vehicle Wrapping Specialists: We’re more than a Newcastle vehicle wrapping company. We are the artists your vehicle needs.
  • Window Tinting Professionals: For that sleek, polished look and feel.
  • Bodykit Supply and Install: We don’t just provide, we install. Your vehicle’s transformation starts and ends with us.
  • Forged and Powder Coated Wheels: Strength meets style with our selection of wheels.
  • Printed Vehicle Wraps: Custom designs for a truly unique wrap. You dream it, we create it!
  • Vehicle Graphics: Let your vehicle do the talking with our stunning graphics.
  • ECU Remapping: Unleash your car’s true potential.
  • Advanced Trackers: With our Cat 5 and Cat 6 trackers, your vehicle is never out of sight.
  • Hydrodipping: Immerse in the world of bespoke, handcrafted designs.
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Excited about transforming your vehicle? For more information about our franchise opportunities and to get a bespoke quote, [please contact us](#). Embrace the art of wrapping with WRAPvehicles Newcastle!


Imagine turning everyday rides into mobile masterpieces! With a WRAPvehicles franchise in Newcastle, you become part of an innovative, dynamic, and creative business transforming vehicles into vibrant visuals. It’s an art, it’s a business, it’s exciting!

Absolutely! We’ve got Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers. Starting with Bronze gives you a solid foundation to build on, while Platinum is an all-inclusive package for those ready to take over the Newcastle vehicle wrapping scene. Each tier offers varying levels of initial training, marketing support, and more.

Not at all! We welcome enthusiastic entrepreneurs at all skill levels. Our comprehensive training program ensures you’ll master the art of vehicle wrapping regardless of your starting point.

We provide ongoing support in all areas: technical, marketing, sales, and business operations. As a WRAPvehicles franchisee, you’re never alone on the road to success.

Certainly! With our “Cruise Control Upgrade” you can easily shift gears from lower tiers to higher ones, allowing you to scale your business at your own pace, as you’re ready to hit the fast lane!

Your ROI depends on various factors, including your marketing efforts and customer acquisition rate. However, with our robust business model and support system, many of our franchisees start to see a return within the first year.

With a WRAPvehicles franchise, you’re not just part of a business, you’re part of a movement! We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of vehicle aesthetics, prioritising franchisee support, and fostering a fun, dynamic community. It’s a wrap unlike any other!

We’re all about empowering our franchisees! Our in-depth training program, ongoing technical support, and quality assurance guidelines will help ensure that every vehicle you wrap is a rolling testament to your skills and our brand.