Wrapping Door shuts and sills

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Wrapping of the cars door shuts and door sills is always available at Wrapvehicles, however we always like to advise to avoid wrapping these areas unless your existing paint colour is going to be clashing or highly contrasting the new wrapped colour.

For example if your car is metallic black and you are having the body wrapped in Red, we would recommend that the door shuts and sills do not need wrapping.

Wrapvehicles charge between £250 and £400 per door to wrap these areas, so we only recommend wrapping door shuts if absolutely necessary, if the colour door shut areas will not strongly contrast the wrapped body it is a waste of money and labour time.

The costs for wrapping the door shuts and sills is high as to wrap these areas to a professional standard the doors need to be removed from the vehicle, and additional sections need to be de-trimmed. Also each door shut area is usually wrapped in one piece of vinyl, so there is a large amount of wastage of vinyl that has to be charged for.


Wrapvehicles usally recommends that the door shuts and door sills do not need to be wrapped if your car is currently painted in one of these colours:

Silver and white in most cases do not offer a strong enouhg contrast against other colours to make the lack of wrap in these areas noticeable.

If you car is currently painted in a bold colour such as bright red or bright blue, and you are not having it wrapped in a similar colour (for example red metallic being wrapped in satin red), then we would always suggest wrapping the door shuts to complete the wrap.

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