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Unlock the Power of Taxi Super Side Advertising

What are Taxi Super Side Wraps?

  • Discover the unique advertising opportunity taxi super side wraps offer for your business.
  • Stand out with eye-catching designs and custom messages on taxi super sides.
  • Suitable for both small towns like Altrincham, Hale & Wilmslow and bustling cities like Manchester.

Why Choose Taxi Super Side Wraps?

  • Taxi super sides provide sustained promotional advertising as cabs are always on the move.
  • Similar to billboards, but with the added advantage of mobility.
  • Easy to remove, allowing for quick changes in promotions and short-term advertising.

Are Taxi Super Side Wraps Legal?

  • Taxi super side wraps need approval from local councils where they are registered.
  • We can handle the approval process to minimise delays and hassle.

Effectiveness of Taxi Super Side Wraps

  • Benefit from the taxi’s daily exposure to thousands of commuters, generating a high number of views.
  • Cost-effective compared to other advertising methods, with estimated 30,000 views a day.
  • Quick installation within a few hours, minimising disruption to taxi drivers.

Explore Other Advertising Options

  • In addition to taxi super side wraps, we offer full taxi wraps, partial taxi wraps, and less obtrusive window wraps.
  • Check out our smart car promo vehicles and bus wraps for more mobile advertising opportunities.

Product Details

  • Short-term advertising options available.
  • Full-colour prints with custom designs.
  • Experience the power of taxi super side wraps for your business today!


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Taxi Wrap Advertising In Manchester And Trafford Regions


Unlock the Potential of Taxi Wrap Advertising

What are Taxi Wraps?

  • Make an impact with a full vinyl taxi wrap or a colour change taxi wrap.
  • Create eye-catching designs with custom colours and logos to suit your company’s style.

Why Choose Taxi Wraps?

  • Enjoy near-constant advertising as taxis traverse your local area throughout the day.
  • Easily removable, allowing for changes in promotions and short-term advertising.

Are Taxi Wraps Legal?

  • Taxi wraps require approval from local councils where they are registered.
  • We can handle the approval process to minimise delays and ensure compliance.

Effectiveness of Taxi Wraps

  • Benefit from the taxi’s frequent exposure to thousands of commuters each week.
  • Proven to gain around 30,000 views a day in large towns and cities.

Explore Other Advertising Options

  • Besides full taxi wraps, we offer taxi super side wraps, partial taxi wraps, and window prints.
  • Discover additional mobile advertising opportunities like smart car promo vehicles and bus wraps.

Product Details

  • Cost-effective mobile advertising with proven returns.
  • Full-colour prints available with custom designs.
  • Minimum 12-month contracts for long-term exposure.
  • Experience the power of taxi wraps for your business today!


Taxi wraps are vinyl graphic advertisements that cover the exterior of taxis. They work as moving billboards, displaying ads for businesses, events, or services. The wraps are designed to catch the attention of passersby and potential customers while the taxi is on the road.

Taxi wraps can be highly effective in Manchester and Trafford areas due to the high volume of traffic and pedestrian footfall. Taxis constantly roam busy streets, making them visible to a large audience throughout the day. Their eye-catching nature makes them a powerful advertising tool to promote your brand or service.

Taxi routes are generally determined by the taxi company, and advertisers may not have control over specific routes. However, with careful planning and coordination with taxi companies, you can target areas with higher foot traffic and concentration of your target audience.

A Taxi super-side is an extended version of a regular taxi wrap that covers both sides of the vehicle and often includes the rear window. It provides a larger canvas for advertising and offers increased visibility, as the ad message is visible from multiple angles.

The duration of the taxi wrap campaign depends on the agreement you have with the taxi company/driver or agency. Typically, campaigns can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on your budget and specific marketing objectives.

Yes, there might be some guidelines and regulations set by the local authorities or taxi companies regarding the content and design of taxi wraps. These guidelines ensure that advertisements are appropriate, adhere to local laws, and do not obstruct the driver’s visibility or the vehicle’s safety features.

There are several ways to measure the success of your taxi wrap campaign. You can track an increase in website traffic, phone calls, or foot traffic to your business during the campaign period. Additionally, conducting surveys or using specific discount codes can help attribute sales or leads directly to the taxi wrap advertisement.

While you may not have complete control over which individuals see your taxi wrap, you can strategically place taxis in areas where your target audience is more likely to be present. For example, if you want to reach a younger audience, you may consider placing taxi wraps near universities or popular hangout spots for young people.