Introducing Our Soft-Kit Car Styling Modifications:
Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and functionality with our exclusive soft-kit car styling modifications. Discover a wide range of customiable options designed to enhance your car’s aesthetics and driving experience to a whole new level.

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Soft kits refer to add-on parts meticulously designed to augment a vehicle’s factory bodywork, providing an elevated level of aesthetic appeal and style.

Unlike traditional bodykits that necessitate the removal and replacement of factory parts, such as bumpers and side skirts, soft kits offer a non-invasive solution. Traditional bodykits often require modifying factory panels as well. Additionally, soft-kit styling parts typically come in a pre-finished state, boasting a gloss black or carbon fibre appearance. The installation process involves bonding, screwing, or riveting the components to the vehicle, allowing for complete reversibility. Consequently, the installation of soft kits is notably swifter, leading to substantial cost savings for the customers compared to traditional bodykits.

The majority of our soft kit offerings are available in three primary finishes: Gloss black, Textured black, and Carbon fibre.

Many of our soft kits come in carbon fibre material, featuring a standard visible weave with a glossy top coat. We also offer alternatives such as a matte topcoat and forged carbon fibre for discerning customers seeking distinctive choices.

Yes, soft-kit bodykits are designed to be removable and leave minimal traces of their installation when properly removed. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removal to avoid any potential damage to the vehicle’s body. Additionally, the longer the soft-kit has been installed, the more likely it is to leave some residue or marks.

Soft-kit bodykits typically require similar maintenance to your vehicle’s original body parts. Regular washing and cleaning with mild automotive soap and water are recommended to keep them looking their best. Additionally, avoiding abrasive materials or harsh chemicals when cleaning can help preserve the finish and longevity of the soft-kit parts.