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Unleash the Power of Colour with Product Vinyl Wrapping


Every product tells a story. At WRAPvehicles, we give you the tools to narrate that story in style. Dive into the vibrant world of product vinyl wrapping and discover a palette of possibilities to elevate your brand.



Infinite Possibilities with Product Vinyl

Redefining Aesthetics
Our product vinyl allows a diverse array of items to undergo a complete colour transformation. From office gadgets to event decor, reimagine the very essence of your products and craft a bespoke aesthetic appeal that resonates with your brand’s narrative.


Bespoke Ambiences in Commercial Spaces


Revamp, Renew, Resonate
Whether you’re designing a retail space, restaurant, bar, or any other commercial setting, product vinyl wrapping allows you to infuse bespoke colours and textures to match the ambiance you envision. Create immersive experiences for your customers, making them feel not just in any space, but a meticulously crafted environment that carries the essence of your brand in every detail.


Unified Branding: Beyond the Logo


Consistency is Key
Imagine the impact when all your items, big or small, speak the same visual language. With product vinyl wrapping, align the colour of all types of items with your brand, presenting a harmonious, consistent brand image that’s hard to forget.


Extend Your Marketing Horizon


Maximise Brand Promotion
Don’t just stop at traditional marketing methods. Extend your brand promotion by wrapping your products in custom vinyl. It’s more than just a colour change; it’s about creating memorable touchpoints for your customers, ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of their minds.


Make Events Truly Yours


Craft Bespoke Experiences 
Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a product launch, or a trade fair, ensure every detail, down to the smallest item, resonates with your brand’s identity. Make your events stand out, making them not just events, but branded experiences that leave lasting impressions.


Rise Above the Ordinary
In today’s fast-paced world, every touchpoint with your customer matters. Product vinyl wrapping provides that edge, setting your brand a notch above the rest. Entrust your vision to WRAPvehicles, and let us transform it into a tangible, vibrant reality.


Choose WRAPvehicles today and embark on a journey to redefine, elevate, and showcase your brand like never before. Embrace the art of product vinyl wrapping and watch your brand story unfold in the most mesmerising way.​

Enjoy some inspiration from our gallery of product wrapping examples. Perfect for individual items such a desks, cupboards, chairs and more. Great for retail spaces and workspaces, adding pops of colour.


Part and product vinyl wrapping refers to the process of applying a thin vinyl film onto parts of vehicles or other products. This vinyl layer serves as a decorative and protective coating, allowing items to be customised in terms of colour, texture, and design without permanently altering them.

The durability of vinyl wrapping largely depends on the quality of the material and the conditions it’s exposed to. High-quality vinyl wraps, when properly maintained, can last several years without fading or peeling. They are also resistant to UV rays, minor abrasions, and moisture.

Absolutely! At WRAPvehicles, we offer a wide range of colours, designs, and textures. Additionally, we can work with bespoke designs to ensure your vision is perfectly captured and applied to your products or vehicle parts.

No, vinyl wrapping is a non-invasive process. When applied and removed correctly, the vinyl does not damage the original surface. In fact, it can act as a protective layer against minor scratches and UV damage.

While vinyl wrapping is popularly associated with vehicles, its versatility allows it to be used on a wide variety of products, including gadgets, furniture, retail displays, and much more. If you have a specific item in mind, it’s best to consult with our experts at WRAPvehicles to determine feasibility.

The duration depends on the complexity of the project. A simple colour change for a few products might take only a day or two, while more intricate designs or larger items may require more time. It’s always best to discuss the specifics of your project with our team for a more accurate timeline.