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If you’re a commercial vehicle driver or owner in Manchester or Cheshire, navigating and parking a van can be a challenging task, especially with limited visibility and the need to carry large loads. At WRAPvehicles, we understand the importance of safety and convenience for our customers, which is why we now offer fully fitted parking sensors and reversing cameras as part of our range of van accessories.


The Need for Parking Aids

Reversing manoeuvres can be risky, and statistics from the Health and Safety Executive reveal that nearly 25% of all UK deaths at work involving vehicles occur during reversing. Furthermore, research from the University of Huddersfield indicates that up to a third of reported freight transport collisions happen while a vehicle is in reverse. To address these concerns and minimise potential accidents and damages, we have sourced a high-quality range of parking sensors and reversing cameras.



Parking Sensors

Our parking sensors are designed to provide excellent protection against costly scrapes and bumps while reducing the stress of reversing in tight spaces. These sensors can be installed on the front and/or rear of your vehicle at a reasonable cost. We ensure that all parking sensors are expertly painted to match your vehicle’s paint colour, seamlessly blending into the bumper. Additionally, adjustments can be made to accommodate a tow bar, ensuring complete functionality and safety.



Reversing Cameras

Taking parking safety to the next level, our reversing cameras come with a compact dash-mounted 3.5-inch colour screen. This innovative feature allows drivers to have a clear view of what’s behind their vehicle while reversing, significantly improving visibility and reducing the risk of accidents in restricted urban environments. By investing in a reversing camera, you can save on potentially hefty repair bills caused by reversing-related body damage. Rest assured, all our reversing camera kits are supplied and fitted with a comprehensive warranty.



Product Details and Benefits

At WRAPvehicles, we provide a full fitting service for parking sensors and reversing cameras, ensuring a seamless installation process. Moreover, our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements, guaranteeing a bespoke solution that perfectly suits your vehicle. We take pride in offering unmatched quality, ensuring that our parking aids are built to last and enhance your driving experience.

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Let make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable with our cutting-edge parking sensors and reversing cameras.


Parking aids are devices designed to assist drivers while parking their vehicles safely. They include reversing cameras, parking sensors, and other technologies. Reversing cameras provide a live video feed of the area behind the vehicle, while parking sensors use ultrasonic or electromagnetic technology to detect obstacles and alert the driver through audio or visual cues.

Parking sensors use ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves to detect obstacles around the vehicle. Ultrasonic sensors emit sound waves that bounce off objects, measuring the distance between the sensor and the obstacle. Electromagnetic sensors, on the other hand, create an electromagnetic field around the vehicle and detect changes in this field caused by nearby objects. The two common types are rear parking sensors (for detecting obstacles behind the vehicle) and front parking sensors (for detecting objects in front).

Reversing cameras and parking sensors serve different purposes. Reversing cameras offer a visual aid, providing a clear view of the area behind the vehicle, which can be especially helpful in tight spaces or when visibility is limited. Parking sensors, on the other hand, offer proximity alerts through beeps or visual cues and help detect objects that may not be visible in the camera view. In many cases, a combination of both systems provides the best parking assistance.

Yes, parking aids like reversing cameras and parking sensors can be installed in most vehicle types, including cars, vans, and trucks. They come in various configurations and can be adapted to fit different vehicle sizes and designs.

Absolutely! Parking aids are beneficial for both experienced and novice drivers. Even skilled drivers can find themselves in challenging parking situations, and parking aids can help avoid potential accidents and reduce the risk of damaging the vehicle or surrounding objects.

Yes, parking aids may require occasional maintenance and calibration. Reversing cameras might need lens cleaning to ensure a clear view, and parking sensors may require adjustments to maintain accurate distance measurements. Regular maintenance checks by a professional can help ensure the parking aids function optimally.

While parking aids significantly reduce the risk of accidents, they are not foolproof. Drivers should always remain attentive, use their mirrors, and be aware of their surroundings when parking. Parking aids are meant to assist drivers, but they do not replace the need for responsible driving and careful maneuvering.

Yes, many parking aids can be retrofitted into older vehicles. There are aftermarket kits available for reversing cameras, parking sensors, and other parking assistance technologies. However, it’s essential to ensure proper installation by a qualified professional to guarantee optimal performance and compatibility with the vehicle.