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Our matte wraps are a variation of our gloss wrap vinyls and are perfect for customers looking for something different. Our matte wrap is not available in as many colours as our gloss wraps, but the ones we do have are very interesting. In our standard ranges we have white matte, black matte and then in the premium range we have satin silver, satin grey and satin black. The satins have a subtle sheen on them and come across with a little more depth than standard matte vinyls.

With our matte car wrap range you’ll be able to create a subtle design that suits your car from just one colour. Our satin matte wraps add an extra element of luxury to any vehicle and look spectacular when paired with metallic colours, gloss black or glossy white.

Matte wraps are a great alternative to gloss or satin wraps. They give a much higher ‘3 dimensional’ look which can add a real wow factor to your car. Here at Car Wraps Manchester we have some fantastic colours available in matte finishes. Due to the nature of the vinyl we also make sure that your vehicle wrap is protected with our long life protective coating so that it will not show any stains or marks!

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