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If you’re a car enthusiast seeking an exciting opportunity in the automotive industry, look no further! Our vehicle wrapping franchise offers an entry point into the ever-growing automotive styling sector. Get ready to transform cars with your creative touch!


Setting Up Your Standout Franchise:
Our successful 13+ year journey in Manchester & Cheshire has led us to expand nationwide in the UK and even into mainland Europe. We’re now offering franchise opportunities for passionate individuals to enter the thrilling world of vehicle wrapping and automotive modification.

Boosting Your Online Presence:
When you join our WRAPvehicles franchise, we’ve got your back in the digital world. We’ll set up a branded website for your location, optimised to soar high on Google searches. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our strong online presence, with social media accounts that will attract local attention and potential customers.

Top-notch Training & Expert Support:
You don’t need to be a wrapping pro – we’ve got your training covered! Our 3M-approved standards will equip you with the skills to create stunning wraps. Our experienced installers will always be available for guidance and assistance whenever you need it.

Local Installations & Regular Work:
You won’t be left hanging after training. We’ll keep your franchise busy by directing local installation projects your way. This ensures a steady flow of work and helps you recoup your initial investment quickly.

Tools and Vinyls: Everything You Need:
Say goodbye to worries about equipment and materials. As part of the franchise deal, we provide you with all the necessary tools – from wrapping knives to heat guns. Moreover, you’ll have access to an extensive array of vinyl swatch books, ensuring you can cater to every customer’s unique tastes.

Print and Design Services: Your One-Stop Solution:
With our franchise, you can do it all! Offer graphic design services and printing capabilities to accommodate commercial vehicle wraps. From cars to trucks, we’ve got you covered, enabling you to expand your business without the added cost of a large format printer.

Beyond Wrapping: Explore Additional Automotive Modifications:
To truly stand out and maximize profitability, you can venture into various automotive modifications. We offer training and connections for services like window tinting, bodykits, interior re-upholstery, alloy wheels, performance tuning, trackers, hydro-dipping, and vehicle decals. Your creativity knows no bounds!

Ready to Join the WRAPvehicles Family?
If you have a passion for the automotive industry and a desire to succeed, reach out to us! We’ll provide you with all the information you need to become part of the Wrapvehicles vehicle wrapping franchise.

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Let's team up and create a successful vehicle wrapping and car modification company that dominates your local area. Unleash your potential with WRAPvehicles!

Check out our gallery to view some examples of the vehicles you can produce with a vehicle wrapping franchise from WRAPvehicles.


Vehicle wrapping is a process where a thin, vinyl film is applied to a vehicle’s exterior surface, transforming its appearance. It involves careful cleaning, precise measurements, and skilled application techniques to achieve a seamless finish. The vinyl wrap can be printed with various designs, colors, and textures, making it a popular choice for both commercial and personal vehicles.

Wrapvehicles is a leading franchise company specializing in vehicle wrapping services. They offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to become part of their network by owning and operating a vehicle wrapping franchise. As a franchisee, you gain access to their established brand, training, ongoing support, marketing resources, and a proven business model.

No, prior experience in the vehicle wrapping industry is not necessary to become a franchisee with WRAPvehicles. They provide comprehensive training and support to ensure that franchisees have the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful vehicle wrapping business.

The initial investment cost to start a WRAPvehicles franchise can vary depending on factors such as location, size of the territory, and local market conditions. It typically includes franchise fees, equipment, inventory, and marketing expenses. It’s best to reach out to WRAPvehicles directly for specific investment details.

As a WRAPvehicles franchisee, you can expect continuous support from the corporate team. This support may include marketing assistance, operational guidance, access to updated industry techniques, and ongoing training. Additionally, you’ll benefit from the collective experience of the WRAPvehicles franchise network.

The time it takes to recoup your initial investment and start making a profit can vary based on factors like the location, local demand, and your marketing efforts. Some franchisees may see a return on investment within the first year, while others might take longer. A strong work ethic, dedication, and following the franchisor’s guidance can positively impact your profitability.

Yes, WRAPvehicles typically provides support and guidance in identifying suitable locations for your franchise. They may conduct market research to help you choose an area with high potential for business growth. Selecting the right location is crucial to attract customers and ensure your franchise’s success.

Yes, like most franchise opportunities, WRAPvehicles typically requires franchisees to pay ongoing fees, which often include royalties. These fees help cover ongoing support, marketing efforts, and the continued use of the brand and business resources. Specific details regarding fees and royalties will be outlined in the franchise agreement.