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An Introduction to Carlex Design

Carlex Design is rapidly making a name for itself as a prominent player in the European automotive sector. Their commitment to innovative design and the use of top-quality materials has catapulted their creations into the league of renowned brands like BRABUS and Lumma Design.


Diverse Market Presence

While many bodykit and conversion brands focus solely on high-end luxury cars and supercars, Carlex Design identifies unique opportunities in other segments. In addition to catering to affluent markets, they recognise the potential in pickup trucks and vans, providing the same level of innovation and quality materials to a wider audience.


State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Techniques

Carlex Design’s mission revolves around creating cutting-edge automotive designs that incorporate the latest manufacturing technologies. Their techniques include vacuum casting, reaction injection moulding, and injection moulding, all complemented by the use of efficient and advanced materials such as light composite, flex composite, and carbon fibre.


Carlex Design at WRAPVehicles

WRAPVehicles serves as a reputable UK supplier of the Carlex Design range, offering an extensive selection of bodykits, conversions, interior upholstery, and accessories.


Explore the Carlex Design Range

Luxury SUVs

– Carlex Mercedes G63
– Carlex Rolls Royce Cullinan
– Carlex Land Rover Defender
– Carlex Audi RQS8
– Carlex Range Rover
– Carlex Mercedes GLS


Performance Cars

– Carlex Mercedes AMG GT R Pro
– Carlex McLaren 720S
– Carlex Ferrari 488
– Carlex Ferrari 458 Spider
– Carlex Ferrari F12


Pickup Trucks

– Carlex Mercedes X Class
– Carlex Ford Ranger
– Carlex Toyota Hilux
– Carlex Nissan Navara
– Carlex VW Amarok



– Carlex Ford Transit Custom
– Carlex VW Transporter T6
– Carlex Mercedes Sprinter

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Elevate your vehicle's styling with Carlex's impressive offerings!

Welcome, visitors, to explore the captivating gallery of Carlex Design’s exquisite styling options! Discover the perfect blend of innovative design and premium materials that redefine automotive aesthetics.


Carlex Design is a renowned automotive design company that specializes in creating custom luxury interiors for various car brands. They are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs that transform standard car interiors into unique and luxurious spaces.

Carlex Design offers a wide range of styling products for car interiors, including custom leather upholstery, steering wheels, gear shift knobs, dashboard trims, and personalized floor mats. Their products are tailored to fit specific car models and can be customized to suit individual preferences.

Carlex Design takes pride in their attention to detail and uses premium materials to ensure top-notch quality. Their skilled artisans handcraft each product, and the company maintains rigorous quality control measures to guarantee that every item meets their high standards.

Absolutely! Carlex Design is known for its custom approach. They work closely with customers to understand their preferences and can create bespoke interior designs based on individual requests. From unique color combinations to personalized logos, Carlex Design can turn your vision into reality.

Carlex Design offers styling products that are specifically designed to fit various car makes and models. They have an extensive catalog that covers many popular car brands, and they continually expand their offerings to cater to a broader range of vehicles.

Carlex Design products are typically only available through their authorised dealers and partners. Luck for you WRAPvehicles are one of their resellers here in the UK.

While some Carlex Design products may be user-installable, many require professional installation to ensure a perfect fit and finish. Improper installation could potentially damage the products or your car’s interior, so it’s recommended to rely on skilled technicians for these upgrades.

Yes, Carlex Design stands behind the quality of their products and offers warranties on their styling items. The specific warranty period may vary depending on the product type and region, so it’s advisable to check with the dealership or authorized distributor for detailed warranty information.