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Wrapvehicles Manchester can provide a wide range of car wrapping colours that not only look beautiful but also protect your car from damage. We offer pearlescent, iridescent and metallic finishes as well as candy colours. All these options come with a range of vinyls that feature different textures including carbon fibre, leather and sequins. This allows us to create a unique look for your vehicle that stands out. We pride ourselves on our customisation skills so you can create a car wrap that’s perfect for your branding or identity

The colour options available at Wrapvehicles Manchester are very exciting and can create a bespoke car that is a one-off.

At Wrapvehicles Manchester, we can offer a wide range of car wrapping colours to personalise your vehicle and make it stand out from the crowd in Manchester or Cheshire.

Car wrapping vinyl is applied to the entire exterior of your car or van in a process that starts with a consultation to determine what design and colours are most appropriate for your vehicle. We then use heat guns to warm the vinyl and all it to stretch, this allows it to conform better to the complex curves of a car body.

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