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Looking to attract significant attention to your company within the local area? Consider a bus wrap from WRAPvehicles, as it can achieve a remarkable WOW factor in the vehicle advertising sector. When executed correctly, a bus wrap can substantially enhance your company’s profile. Contrary to popular belief, full bus wraps are more affordable than perceived, and this cost-effectiveness can create the impression of a larger and more prominent company.


Our bus wraps come in various options:


1. Full Bus Wrap:
Covering the entire rear and a majority of the sides with printed self-adhesive vinyl tailored to your specifications. Most buses can be almost entirely wrapped in this material, including the painted areas and large glass sections. We use contravision material for glass, enabling an extended design that allows passengers to see through while offering effective advertising.

2. Partial Bus Wrap:
This option covers specific sections of the bus, such as the sides, rear, or just the windows. It offers a more targeted advertising approach while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

3. Rear Bus Print:
The least expensive option, a rear bus print, features a full-color print applied to the rear section (usually the engine cover) of the bus. Ideal for short-term promotions, it provides a quick and efficient advertising solution, as it can be applied and ready to hit the road on the same day.

We are proud suppliers of bus wraps and prints for Go Goodwins Buses & Coaches, offering extensive coverage across the North West, including Manchester, Altrincham, Hale, Timperley & Stretford, making us a reliable choice for bus wraps in the Greater Manchester area.

You have the option to create your bus wrap design in-house or rely on our skilled designers to produce custom artwork tailored to your specific needs. Our experience in the vehicle graphics industry ensures that the design aligns perfectly with the focal points of the bus, maximising attention.

At WRAPvehicles, we handle the entire bus wrapping process, including design, printing, vinyl application, and rental arrangements. This streamlined approach reduces hassle and ensures a quick turnaround time.

Product Details:
– High visibility with thousands of views per day
– Full-color prints to make your brand stand out
– Custom designs tailored to your unique requirements
– Flexible short and long-term contracts to suit your campaign duration
– Options for full bus wraps, partial bus wraps, and rear bus prints
– Choice of various bus sizes to meet your advertising needs
– Local bus routes for targeted exposure

Contact us today to discover more about our professional bus wrapping services in Manchester and experience the powerful impact of bus wrap advertising for your business.

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Bus wrap advertising involves covering the exterior of a bus with large, eye-catching graphics and advertisements. In Manchester, this form of advertising allows businesses to reach a broad audience as buses travel throughout the city, exposing the message to pedestrians, drivers, and passengers.

Bus wrap advertising in Manchester is highly effective due to its extensive reach and ability to target diverse audiences. It generates significant brand exposure and awareness, making it a cost-efficient way for businesses to promote their products and services.

Yes, there are regulations in place to ensure the safety of passengers and road users. The graphics must not obstruct driver visibility, and certain areas like windows and doors might have restrictions on what can be covered. Advertisers need to work closely with transport authorities to ensure compliance.

The duration of a bus wrap advertisement can vary based on the advertising contract. Generally, campaigns can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Advertisers can choose the desired duration that aligns with their marketing goals and budget.

The design process starts with creating eye-catching visuals that align with the advertiser’s brand and message. Once the design is finalized, the graphics are printed on vinyl sheets specifically made for bus wraps. Skilled technicians then carefully apply the vinyl to the bus’s exterior.

A detailed answer to provide information about your Bus wrap advertising is suitable for both small and large businesses in Manchester. It offers an affordable and impactful advertising option for smaller businesses to gain exposure alongside bigger brands. The ability to target specific routes and areas makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes., build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

Measuring the success of a bus wrap advertising campaign involves tracking metrics like increased website traffic, brand recall surveys, social media engagement, and sales data during the campaign period. These metrics can provide insights into the campaign’s effectiveness.

Yes, bus wrap advertising in Manchester allows advertisers to target specific routes or areas based on their target audience. Transport authorities and advertising agencies can help businesses choose the most relevant routes to maximize the impact of their campaign.