Audi Retrofit

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Audi Retro Fit in Manchester & Cheshire: Elevate Your Audi Experience!

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Discover the perfect spec Audi with our optional retro fitting service, offering an array of exciting upgrades like parking sensors, reverse cameras, factory sat nav, heated seats, cruise control, and virtual cockpit.


Why Choose Audi Retro Fit?

– Extensive Options: Prices for Audi Retro Fit vary based on your specific model. Share your Reg and VIN numbers to get an accurate quote.

– Elevate Your Audi: As one of the most common car makes we encounter at Wrapvehicles Manchester, we’ve expanded our services to cater to Audi models, ensuring an extended range of premium products beyond car wrapping.

– Correct Your Audi: Purchased a used or pre-registered Audi that lacks your desired specifications? Our retro fitting options can help you add those missing perks, such as electric folding wing mirrors, cruise control, and parking sensors, to make your Audi truly high spec.


Audi Retro Fit Options:

1. Dynamic Indicator Lights: Add flashy, sweeping indicator lights to older Audi models for a fresh and desirable look.

2. Parking Packages: Flush-fit parking sensors and integrated reversing camera systems, seamlessly pairing with Audi MMI, for added safety and convenience.

3. Security: Protect your Audi against theft with alarms, immobilisers, and GPS vehicle trackers. Witness cameras monitor driving for added safety.

4. Entertainment: Enjoy iPhone/iPod integration, hands-free phone and Bluetooth support, and even upgrade your Audi with DAB radio and digital TV.


Popular Audi Retro Fit Choices:

– Dynamic Indicator Lights
– Virtual Cockpit
– iPhone Integration
– Audi Reverse Cameras
– Towbars
– Trackers
– Parking Sensors
– Electric Folding Mirrors


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audi retro fit near me

Contact Wrapvehicles for Your Audi Retro Fit: Experience the ultimate driving pleasure with our Audi Retro-fit optional extras. Get in touch today to explore the possibilities!

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The cost depends on your specific Audi model. To get an accurate quote, provide us with your car’s Reg and VIN numbers.

Our most sought-after options include Genuine Reverse Camera (£865), Genuine Sat Nav (£985), Genuine Power Folding Mirrors (£1,100), Genuine Optical Parking Sensors (£925), Aftermarket Parking Sensors (£450), Apple CarPlay Retrofit (£785), and Aftermarket Cruise Control (£495).

Absolutely! Our Audi retro fitting options can add the flashy horizontal strobe effect to your older Audi, giving it a fresh and desirable look.

Yes, with Audi retrofits, you can have the latest factory-fitted satellite navigation system, complete with up-to-date maps and features.

Certainly! We can retrofit fantastic features like electric folding wing mirrors, remote tailgate, cruise control, and parking sensors to enhance your Audi’s specifications.

Yes, we offer flush-fit parking sensors and fully integrated reversing camera systems that seamlessly pair with Audi MMI, delivering added safety and convenience.

bsolutely, we offer alarms, immobilizers, GPS vehicle trackers, and witness cameras to ensure your Audi is protected against theft and assist in monitoring your driving safety.

Yes, we offer iPhone/iPod integration, hands-free phone and Bluetooth support, DAB radio installation, factory speaker upgrades, digital TV, and headrest screens for an enhanced entertainment experience.