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Alloygator – Your Knight in Shining Rims!

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Revolutionise the way you protect your precious alloy wheels with Alloygator – the ultimate defender against dreaded kerbing! Here at Wrapvehicles, we’re all about preserving the splendour of your wheels while adding a sprinkle of whimsy to your driving experience.


Oh, you know that gut-wrenching feeling when your beautiful alloy wheels meet the unforgiving curb? Fear not, for Alloygator wheel protectors are here to save the day! Our fully professional fitting services, available at our magical installation centre in Manchester, will pamper your wheels like royalty.


But wait, there’s more! Alloygator wheel protectors aren’t just practical – they’re fashion-forward too! With a kaleidoscope of colors to choose from, these sassy accessories can be a vibrant extension of your personality. Match your car’s hue or add a daring pop of color for that extra pizzazz!

The Apex and Exclusive styles await your selection, each ready to shield your wheels from those sneaky kerbs. Although we can’t promise they’ll fend off dragon-sized damage, they’ll bravely protect against superficial scratches and light kerb encounters. It’s like having a trusty knight guarding your wheels at all times!


Ah, the shades! Feast your eyes on our mesmerizing color palette – from classic Black and Silver to the enchanting Glow in the Dark. Go wild with Sky Blue, Red, White, or let your spirit soar with Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Orange. Feeling adventurous? Embrace the boldness of Pink, Gold, or Bronze – the world is your alloy wheel oyster!


And fret not, dear driver, for we’ve got you covered, quite literally! Our Alloygators are available in sizes ranging from 13 inches to a majestic 24 inches. No matter your vehicle’s size, we have the perfect armour for your wheels!


The best part? Our Alloygator wheel protectors not only guard against future kerb skirmishes but also work their magic to cover up existing damages. Double-duty guardians, indeed!

Ready to give your wheels the royal treatment they deserve? Let us weave our spell and book your car for a fitting at our Manchester installation center. In just a few hours, your wheels will emerge shining and safeguarded, ready to conquer the roads once again.

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So, ride forth with confidence and style - contact us now at 0161 641 8374 or email us at to learn more about the extraordinary Alloygator wheel protectors.

Unleash the magic and make your wheels the talk of the town!


Alloygator alloy wheel protectors are innovative and flexible rim protectors designed to shield your precious alloy wheels from potential kerb damage. They attach seamlessly to the edge of your wheels, acting as a durable buffer against those pesky curbs.

Unlike traditional curb protectors, Alloygators boast a sleek and stylish design that complements the appearance of your wheels. They come in a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize and add a touch of personality to your vehicle.

Yes, Alloygator offers versatility and caters to various wheel sizes, ranging from 13 inches to a majestic 24 inches. So whether you have a compact car or a powerful SUV, Alloygators have got you covered.

Alloygators provide an added layer of protection against superficial scratches, light to medium kerbing impacts, and minor damages. While they can’t shield against extreme damage, they do an excellent job at preserving your wheels’ beauty.

Absolutely! Alloygator offers two fantastic styles: “Apex” – the original Alloygator style, and “Exclusive” – a newer, rounded edge design. As for colors, we’ve got a vibrant palette of over a dozen options to choose from, making sure your wheels reflect your unique taste.

While some car enthusiasts may have the knack for DIY, professional fitting ensures a flawless and secure installation. At Wrapvehicles, our experts are skilled at fitting Alloygators, leaving your wheels looking fabulous and protected.

Not at all! Alloygator alloy wheel protectors are designed with precision and durability, ensuring they have minimal impact on the balance or performance of your wheels. They provide the protection you need without compromising your driving experience.

Getting started is as easy as a wave of a magic wand! Simply contact Wrapvehicles and let us guide you through the process. We’ll help you select the perfect Alloygator style, color, and size for your wheels, and our professional fitting service will leave you spellbound with the results. Your wheels will thank you for their new armour!