Welcome back Arlon

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Wrapvehicles would like to welcome back Arlon to our colour change car wrapping range. Arlon was one of our go to vinyl brands several years ago, they had some great colours such as True Blood, and great finishes such as the very popular gloss carbon fibre finish called Monza. There was also the red and blue matte aluminium, a finish that was very innovative and is something that is now marketed by many other vinyl brands as a Satin Chrome finish. Back in 2013 this finish was very innovative and not available from any branded manufacturers (only chinese factories).

Suddenly a few years ago Arlon completely pulled out of the colour change wrap vinyl sector. Stopping production of all colour wrap vinyls and focusing instead on printable wrap vinyl.

Now Arlon is back, bringing with it some of the classic colours such as red and blue matte aluminium, and adding to the range with new colours including purple and black rose matte aluminium.

The current reintroduced Arlon range can be found here.

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