Specialist Wrapping Services

Dive into Specialist Vinyl Wrapping: TV shows, live events, architectural interiors and more.

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Architectural films are vinyl coatings that replicate premium finishes, allowing designers and fit-out companies to introduce luxurious aesthetics to surfaces in a cost-efficient manner.

Our TV show vinyl wrapping allows custom wrapping of vehicles, stages, and studio setups. This helps in achieving a specific aesthetic, ensuring your production’s visuals perfectly align with your vision.

Absolutely! Our vinyl wraps are designed for easy application and removal, ensuring the original surface remains unharmed.

Our services empower live event staging production companies to modify the colour of stage lights, ensuring they perfectly match the design direction of events or world tours.

We offer an expansive range of finishes from vibrant colours to unique textures like chrome, velvet, carbon fibre, and custom prints, enhancing any product’s appeal.

Yes, our vinyl wrapping is versatile and can be tailored to fit a variety of product shapes and sizes, ensuring a seamless finish every time.

Our wraps are designed to withstand the rigours of live performances, providing both aesthetic appeal and added protection to equipment.

Certainly! We cater to custom designs and branding requests, ensuring your vision is flawlessly translated onto the chosen surface.