Meatlust Bus

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Vibrant and eye catching, this bus wrap was created for the Meat Lust event in Manchester. The client needed a custom promotional vehicle that could not only be seen, but also heard as it drove around Manchester to make their point about vegan lifestyles. With bright pink metal rust graphics and various logos scattered across this double decker parade bus it makes for a very attention grabbing design. We finished off the bus wrap with contour vision window graphics to give greater surface area to the design without compromising visibility out of these buses windows.

This bus wrap was designed to be a “pimp my ride” style vehicle wrap. The client wanted us to give their tired double decker a new look and get it noticed on the streets of London for promotional events.The design consists of bright pink laid over a metal rust pattern, logos and design elements scattered across the bus, which makes for an attention grabbing bus wrap.

Think of MeatLust as a mobile BBQ joint that refuses to conform to the traditional conventions of how food should be served. This project was a collaboration between MeatLust and Winston Creative and this bus was fully wrapped by Aaron Winston, Design Director at Winston Creative.

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