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You may have already seen our quality car wraps and graphics, but did you know that we are also an authorised Mansory dealer? Since it’s establishment in 1989 Mansory have become synonymous with exceptional luxury and performance vehicle upgrades. After initially only offering styling and performance upgrades to high-end British cars (Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce) they expanded to evermore exotic cars (Ferrari, Porsche, etc) and now their product range has blossomed to incorporate most of the luxury and high performance cars available on the UK market.

If you want a Mansory car in the North of the UK then Wrapvehicles can offer full exterior and interior conversion. Mansory cars can often be seen as marmite cars, to upgrade an already very fast and expensive car and create something even more precious does require some exceptions to be made when designing the styling, so Mansory converted cars often have wide arches, big wings and spoilers added. But if you want the ultimate showpiece exotic car then a Mansory converted car from Wrapvehicles in Manchester cannot be bettered.

Mansory produces not only the most exquisitely designed and engineered cars in the world, but also some of the fastest and most powerful. To create a Mansory car requires a great deal of time and skill to ensure the quality of workmanship matches that of the precision engineering that went into the original car. A Mansory vehicle will be talked about for years to come as an automotive icon.

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