Lumma Design Car Styling and Lumma Conversions in Manchester & Cheshire

lumma bodykits manchester

Wrapvehicles are excited to bring you the best in luxury car styling, with Lumma Design products now available on our site. The Lumma body kits and additions are high end, with many unique and eye catching styles not seen anywhere else. For example their new Mercedes GLE widebody body kit offers a unique style that is only available from Lumma Design.

If you want a unique and distinctive looking vehicle, then Lumma Design wide body styling kits are the answer. With over 15 years experience creating high quality car body styling kits and conversions, Lumma Design have become a well known leader in producing some of the best bodykits, widebodies and car conversions available in Europe.

If you live in Cheshire and have a Range Rover Sport or BMW X5 and would like to try something different, then why not add a Lumma Design widebody bodykit to your car. All Lumma widebody kits are made using the highest quality materials including real carbon fiber components. At WRAPVEHICLES we can carry out installation of all Lumma Design bodykits. Many of our customers in Manchester / Cheshire have decided that the Lumma conversion makes more sense than an original design upgrade for their vehicle, for example our first BMW X6 Lumma conversion was carried out mainly because the customer did not like his BMW SUV 4×4 looking like every other one on the road!

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