Brabus now have a new UK distributor

UHNWI cars Manchester

Brabus now have a new UK distributor, Brabus offers the most complete styling and performance upgrades for Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG models, our customers love Mercedes cars so Brabus is exactly the kind of company we want to partner up with.

Wrapvehicles work directly with Brabus to bring you the finest products available to help make your Mercedes Benz stand out. Our unique approach has been tried and tested and we are extremely proud of our impressive portfolio, including Brabus Conversions, Carbon Fibre Trim, Brabus Exhaust Systems and many more quality products. As a registered dealer we offer only genuine Brabus Parts and Accessories at competitive prices.

We will be offer our Brabus conversions to clients across the whole of the UK including all major cities (Manchester, London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh) and to all UK towns and villages. All Brabus parts from the Brabus styling range, to the Brabus performance parts and Brabus interior upgrades are installed by Brabus approved technicians and craftsman. We cannot offer Brabus parts for DIY installation as to ensure all Brabus conversions are all the same factory finish quality each one needs to be installed by Brabus approved installers.

Brabus have been developing sports cars, tuning and upgrading vehicles for many years. They are passionate about what they do and take great pride in the quality of their workmanship and customer service. The Brabus range has developed into a high quality selection of vehicles starting from retrofitting Brabus exhausts, to having bespoke and modified vehicle conversions that include performance parts like superchargers, alloy wheels, body styling kits and interior upgrades like leather seats and carbon fibre dashboards

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