Advancements of car wrapping

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Over the 10+ years that Wrapvehicles has been around, we have seen a large range of improvements and advancements in the industry. When we started, vehicle wrapping was very new, there were only a handful of vinyl manufacturers and very few dedicated car wrapping companies. Most companies offering vehicle wrapping were signage companies providing the wrapping as an add-on service. Wrapvehicles is one of the oldest dedicated car wrapping brands in Manchester. From our humble beginnings in Sale, Cheshire now to our large vehicle wrapping centre in Trafford Park, Manchester.


Vehicle wrapping may now be well into its stride, but there are still advancements being made.

Some of the newest advancements we have noticed are very interesting and time will tell how successful they will become.

Paint protection film has been a core product offered by Wrapvehicles to our Manchester customers, a regular request has always been to add a satin Paint protection film to a gloss painted car to provide both protection to the paintwork and give the can a new satin finish. In effect the colour change of a car wrap with the protection benefit of a PPF install. 

There is now a new product on the market that has capitalised on this customer request. Providing a paint protection film that is coloured rather than clear. Allowing the customer to have the benefits of both a colour change and PPF. The colour range is small currently but over time it is expected to grow to accommodate a larger range of colours.

Another feature from the world of Paint protection film is the self healing properties of the PPF. The majority of the main PPF brands include a self-healing property within film that allows for small scuffs and scratches to be repaired by the application of heat.

This feature was a key selling point for brands such as Xpel PPF when it was introduced and now some car wrap vinyl manufacturers have started to incorporate this technology. Super high gloss car wrap vinyls such as Inozetek include self-healing features.

Speaking of Inotezek we have seen a boom in the manufacture of super high gloss wrapping vinyl options. Brands such as Inotezek have innovated to produce car wrapping vinyls that are even closer to real paint in their depth of finish and clarity. They have also worked hard to remove the ‘orange-peel’ effect that is present in many other car wrapping films. This orange peel finish is mainly due to the adhesive layer of the wrap vinyl and the structure of the air-release pattern that is needed for bubble-free installations. The innovations have reduced the orange peel effects so that it is now very very hard to distinguish a car wrapping in Inotezek vinyl from a painted car.

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